Credit application: Requirements, benefits and disadvantages

Credit application: Requirements, benefits and disadvantages

Probably, if you have tried to apply for a personal credit or credit card with the established and former financial institutions and your procedure has not been satisfactorily attended, it is perhaps time that you try a different option such as Good Finance. Here we tell you what this bank can offer you and what you need to process your Good Finance loan application.

Departmental credit Good Finance

Departmental credit Good Finance

This is the credit that Good Finance offers you so you can make purchases in your store. That is, I open an exclusive line of credit for the products that you trade. Although you cannot buy anything else with it, the advantage is that these types of cards do not charge an annual fee.

If you are interested in any of the products of the store and want to acquire it on credit … This may be your opportunity!

Good Finance credit cards

Good Finance credit cards

In addition to the departmental card, Good Finance has VISA credit cards that are internationally accepted and with which you will be able to buy and pay for any type of products and services, both physically and online.

It should be noted that the requirements to apply for the Good Finance basic credit card are the same as for the Sultanes and Classic Good Finance cards.

Good Finance cash credits

Good Finance cash credits

If you are one of the people who prefer cash loans, Good Finance also has a viable option for you, cash loans.

Good Finance credit in a personal loan granted by Good Finance and that can range from 5 to 250 thousand pesos. The service is available at all branches of the banking chain nationwide.

Among the benefits it grants are:

  • Preferential interest rate
  • Deadlines from 12 to 36 months for credit settlement
  • Capital payments without penalty, so you will only pay the interest you generate while paying the credit
  • No guarantees
  • 0% annuity

Sounds good? Yes, maybe, but remember that the most important thing about a loan, besides the benefits that the bank bombs us with, is that date referring to the cost of the credit that should interest us the most. So here they go:

  • The loan has an opening fee of 3% + VAT
  • Improper clarification fee $ 200 °°
  • Average CAT of 78.3%
  • Annual interest rate of 45%

Requirements to apply for a cash loan at Good Finance

In order to make your Good Finance credit application you must have the following requirements:

  • Have a minimum income of $ 8,000 and be able to check it through the last 3 payroll receipts
  • Be of cool age and under 69
  • Submit Official ID
  • Proof of address with maximum 2 months old
  • 2 family personal references that have a home phone
  • Work seniority greater than 8 months

How long does it take to approve the Good Finance credit?


Depending on the way you make your Good Finance credit application:

For example, if you do it directly at the branch, it is likely that in a matter of hours the credit history will be verified (in the case of credit cards) and you will get the answer at the moment.

In the case of your application for family credit for cash, it is common to delay a couple of days in which the finance team conducts an investigation with your references, collate your documents and sometimes makes a home visit.


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