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A multi-talented artist shares her creative journey


By Makeida Antonio

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A 20-year-old artist who represents Antigua in several creative endeavors has given Observer a closer look at her living, breathing life of all art.

Mené Tovi Lewis was born on November 17, 2001 in the Bronx, United States, to parents of Caribbean descent.

She grew up in Antigua where she received most of her schooling and eventually moved to Georgia to continue her education.

Mené recalls growing up, where she always knew she was passionate about all things creative despite her otherwise calm demeanor.

“My elders described me as the quiet, reserved, soft-spoken girl among my peers, so speaking out was always a challenge,” she said.

“However, I grew up in a home where the arts were fully encouraged. At the age of eight, I began to channel my expression through writing and singing.

“I was then enrolled at the Le Château D’Or music academy where I deepened my passion for music and learned to play a few instruments.

“I eventually expanded my artistic passions by developing painting skills, becoming a self-taught visual artist,” Lewis told the Observer yesterday in an interview.

Known by her stage name as Tovi Lew, singer, songwriter, book author, fashion designer and painter, Mené knows no bounds when it comes to art. She says her preferred mode of art depends on how she feels when she’s ready to express her creativity.

“Today my creative works include songwriting, recording and playing music, writing books and painting.

“I also have a clothing brand/line that will be launched in time for Sailing Week, with the designs being my artwork,” she said.

“Above all, I don’t have a favorite art form. However, I have moments that I might like to create in a particular form at some point. It all depends on my mood. »

Mené opened up to Observer, highlighting her biggest hurdle as an artist, which is gaining support from community members. Reaching the right audience is something she is constantly working to improve.

“My struggle as an artist, I would say, is to market myself to introduce myself to the right people, the people who would really appreciate what I do,” she explained.

His advice to budding artists is a strong sense of assurance to be versatile and multi-dimensional.

“My advice to my future young artists would be to always believe in yourself. To my multiple potentials, you are not alone and there is nothing wrong with practicing more than one art form. What matters, it’s that you have a balance,” she said.

Tovi Lew has many concurrent projects including, but not limited to, a brand new song with Vicious titled “Love From A Distance” currently on YouTube, several artworks in a collection called “Redefined Series”, a titled bookYouth Undaunted 1 Calling the Reformers’ and an NFT digital collection of custom character art.

She attributes her success to her confidence in trying new things and encourages others to do the same.

“Finally, always be open-minded to try new things. Never say the words ‘I can’t,'” she said.

“If I hadn’t got up on my own a year ago and thought, ‘I wonder if I can draw? », « I wonder if I can paint? then I never would have discovered that I could.

“I would always limit myself to one art form.”