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A Thread Through Time” tells stories of the LJ Rowan High School Class of 1968


Publishers Doris Townsend Gaines and Carolyn Hall Abrams, both graduates of the Class of 1968 from LJ Rowan High School in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, have completed their new book, “The Class of 1968: A Thread Through Time.” The book is a compelling and powerful collection of personal essays that tell the stories of a group of students at a segregated high school in southern Mississippi. Also included are other students of the same era attending other schools in southern Mississippi, who shared similar experiences.

Editor Doris Townsend Gaines writes after classmates visited the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum in Jackson, Mississippi: “We cried looking at Vernon Dahmer’s exhibit and thinking back to that day. Many Hattiesburg civil rights activists were part of our daily lives and not recognized as heroes and heroines back home. They were our parents, uncles, aunts, neighbors, pastors, friends and other ordinary people in the community doing their best under the circumstances. When we were young, we did not know the depth of their sacrifices and the danger of the threats they risked day by day to make a better world for us. Our lives have been influenced by our homes, our churches, our schools and the “village”.

Published by Page Publishing, editors Doris Townsend Gaines and the insightful work of Carolyn Hall Abrams share the first-hand experiences of students who belonged to one of the last segregated classes at the all-black LJ Rowan High School, as they reflect on their families, community, and school experiences.

Readers interested in experiencing this original work can purchase “The Class of 1968: A Thread Through Time” from Barnes and Noble, online at the Apple iTunes Store, Google Play and Amazon.

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