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Anambra 2021: Security and Economy Talking Points during Prime Business Africa’s Election Debate


Security and economic recovery were the main topics of discussion during the debate on the election of the governor of the state of Anambra organized on Saturday by Prime Business Africa, a multimedia news organization.

Anambra, as a trade hub in southeast Nigeria, is currently facing a wave of violence as “unknown” criminal elements disrupt socio-economic activities in the run-up to the November 6 elections. The candidates, gathered for the debate, made security and the economy their main topics of discussion.

The busy virtual election debate on “Anambra 2021: Security and Economy in Brief”, started at 7:00 pm and was moderated by Dr Okey Ikechukwu and Professor Nduka Otiono.

Ikechukwu is Senior Fellow of Nnamdi Azikiwe University Business School, consultant in public communication and business strategy, life coach and speaker of immense reputation, former head of communications, Federal Ministry of Education between August 2006 and July 2007 .

Otiono is a senior journalist, Associate Professor of African Studies and English, and Supervisor of the Graduate Program at the Institute of African Studies at Carleton University. As a writer, Otiono has written and co-edited several books on creative writing and academic research.

Ikechukwu, initially, explained that the aim of the debate was to elicit reassuring responses from candidates who wanted to become governor of Anambra state after the election scheduled for November 6, 2021, about their intentions towards the citizens of the state.

He also pointed out that the debate platform was not partisan and was not intended to attack anyone, but was a way for candidates to sell themselves, their political parties and their programs. He advised them to limit their comments to questions asked by the moderators for a smooth flow of the discussion.

The host of the event, the Managing Director (CEO) of Newstide Publications and Editor / Editor-in-Chief of Prime Business Africa, Dr Marcel Mbamalu, said that the essence of the debate was to generate discussions on issues around politics, especially since they affect Anambra State as the commercial heart of the Southeast which has been in the eye of the storm in view of the wave of violence threatening economic activities and the election of November 6 in particular.

According to Mbamalu, “citizens must come first in the scheme of things and those who choose to lead must have clear intentions to govern well.”

He said the media organization considered it important to independently organize and fund the debate in “the interest of the masses whose economic life would be affected by the decisions of elected political leaders.”

After reading the rules of engagement, which guided the debate to give each electoral candidate a fair opportunity to express their ideas, Ikechukwu, the chief moderator, gave the floor to the candidates to introduce themselves and their mission in governance matters in the next four years.

The candidates of the various political parties running for the elections took turns enthusiastically, at the request of the moderators, to answer questions relating to security and the economy and how they would approach them, if elected, for the good. -being and development of the state.

Were present: Chief Ben Etiaba of the Action Alliance (AA); Dr Chidozie Nwankwo from the African Action Congress (AAC); Chief Akachukwu Nwakpo of the African Democratic Congress (ADC); Colonel Geoff Onyejegbu (rtd) of the Allied Peoples Movement (APM); Dr Valentine Ozigbo from the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and Dr Obinna Uzoh from the Social Democratic Party (SDP).

YPP’s Ifeanyi Ubah was also in attendance, though he couldn’t speak due to what organizers believed were technical issues on his part.

Etiaba said it would create an enabling environment to attract investment in key sectors of which agriculture is a part. He also spoke about creating an entrepreneurship hub to stem the tide of youth unemployment and promised to assemble a team of experts who would work with him to bring the state to the desired status.

PDP governor candidate Ozigbo plans to work on updating the Onitsha Deep Seaport project to boost economic activities in the state and the entire Southeast region as well as tackle the security issue, as he also revealed that he had had fruitful discussions regarding the ports with relevant stakeholders.

“I had a long discussion on this issue (development of a seaport in the South-East) with the main players in this field, the head of the infrastructure commission, and that of the Nigeria Sovereign Investment Authority, to discuss how to support the economy. from the southeast and we were open enough about which of the ports would make the most sense, be it Onitsha Harbor or any of the others in our surrounding environments; we considered the port of Onitsha.

“We can indeed continue, given the feasibility and economic potential. The reason Lagos is what it is today is that it has a port; Anambra can actually skyrocket in terms of development when we have the port, ”Ozigbo said.

He said that, given his background, he had the skills, experience and everything needed to solve the state’s economic and security issues.

Ozigbo said he believed the only party that could deliver what the Anambra people deserved was the PDP, adding that: “Our party is the most acceptable party in Anambra, because we unite the people and also what it takes to guarantee President Igbo emerges the earliest.

AAC candidate Nwankwo said he seeks to make the state an enviable hub of industrial activity to create many jobs for young people and curb unemployment.

Nwankwo, who has worked in the private sector for more than three decades, with business interests in different fields, in different parts of the world, including oil and gas, said he would deploy his skills and expertise to reshape the economic structure of the state and also work for the development of oil and gas resources so that the state can join the league of major oil producing states and earn much more income to avoid depending on the federal allocation.

The AAC flag bearer said he would bring into governance what he called the capital of integrity that he said was lacking in state governance.

Speaking on security, PAM candidate Onyejegbu said resolving the insecurity problem in the state would be his top priority when elected governor.

Onyejegbu, who has a background in security after retiring with the rank of colonel in the Nigerian army, said he had the best knowledge and experience to tackle insecurity in Anambra .

He said that without adequate security there would be no meaningful development, hence his quest to address it and restore peace once elected.

While highlighting his philanthropic activities in Anambra state, the SDP’s flag bearer in the election, Uzoh, also said that if elected he would focus on entrepreneurship programs for the people. , especially young people, in order to enable them to have gainful employment.

He also said that having used his philanthropic organization, the Obinna Uzoh Foundation, to reach many people in the past, he had a good knowledge of the plight of people at the grassroots and how he would continue to address their issues. problems.

ADC’s Nwankpo said the problem in the state was the lack of accountable governance, adding that once the proper governance structure is in place, everything else would work just fine, as he mentioned some to include l rule of law and respect for the will of the people while making political decisions.

At the end of the debate, the moderator, Ikechukwu, thanked the moderator, Mbamalu, for having judiciously organized the debate, leading the candidates to transmit their governance missions to the masses.

He pointed out that the program was never funded by an individual, group or political party but only sponsored by the management of Newstide Publications Limited, publisher of Prime Business Africa (PBA).

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