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Anuj fires Kavya from his job on his first day


Anupama The October 25, 2021 episode begins with Anu leaving for the office early in the morning as Nandini walks in and greets her. Nandini then asks if everyone is still sleeping, to which Anu nods and says they must be tired. Nandini then tells Anu that she will go meet Samar to which Anu asks her if she can serve breakfast to everyone. Nandini says yes and tells her that everything she did yesterday was absolutely right. Anu then urges him to make sure Baa takes his medicine. As Anu finally leaves for the office, Kavya walks up to her and tells her that if she is also going to the office, they can go together.

Anupama 25 October 2021 Written update

Seeing Kavya and Anu make their way to the office together, Nandini hopes that no drama should happen in the office. Anu then meets Anuj in his cabin to which the latter asks her if she is well after what happened yesterday. Anu then says that she is doing very well when suddenly Kavya walks into the cabin with excitement. Anuj then reminds her to knock the next time she enters his cabin and she apologizes to him. Kavya then sits down with them to discuss a strategy and says he has some ideas to share with them. Anuj then tells her that since Anu is the head of the project, she can discuss her ideas with her and not barge into her cabin unnecessarily. Kavya nods and feels insulted.

Customers at the café gossip about the Anu and Anuj affair

On the other hand, as Vanraj and Baa work in the cafe and wait for customers, they hear customers chatting about Anu’s affair with Anuj. Clients even recount how Vanraj had an affair, Anu has an affair with Anuj, and how Samar is dating a girl older than him. Hearing them, Baa and Vanraj feel humiliated. Meanwhile, as Kavya presents her idea to Anu and Anuj, the latter says he loves her while Anu is reluctant to say that she is not convinced by his idea. Anuj then asks him to whom Anu gives a logical and practical idea. Anuj then believes that Anu’s points should also be incorporated into the project and tells Kavya to do the same. As Kavya exits the cubicle, she screams into the office for being insulted. her coworkers ask her to keep her voice low but she continues to humiliate Anu and tells everyone how Anuj is Anu’s puppet and does whatever she says. She then realizes that Anuj and Anu are standing behind her and apologizes to Anuj. Anuj then says that she is being fired, to which she begins to cry and urges her to forgive as it is her first day and assures her that she will not repeat it. Leaving, Anj asks Anu if he should postpone their inspection of the site to which Anu says she shouldn’t mix her personal and professional life. She decides to go with Anuj. Anuj then thinks that Anu will have to face another drama today at home because Kavya will not be silent after what happened today.

Anupama spoiler from the next episode

As Kavya reaches the cafe, she cries in front of Vanraj and tells him all about what happened. Vanraj then waits for Anu to come home and starts lashing out the moment she enters. Anu ignores him while putting cotton swabs in his ears and challenges him that she will go with Anuj in the morning and that he will not be able to stop her. The next morning, Anu climbs the wall and sits in Anuj’s car while Vanraj and the others glare at her. On the other hand, Anu asks Anuj why he hasn’t gotten married until now, which leaves him in shock.

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