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Anupamaa, 23 April 2022, Written update: Anupama chooses his ring


In today’s episode Anuj tells Anupama that a woman forgets how precious she is and says nothing has value in front of her including hundreds of diamonds. He tells her to go back inside the store with him or he will pick her up and take her away. She holds his hand and smiles and says the mark of her old engagement ring will not go away. He asks her not to hide it because her past is part of her life and he will accept it no matter what. He says without the past that she wouldn’t be where she is right now.

Anupama cries and he wipes her tears and takes her back to jewelry shop and shows her the rings. Anupama chooses a ring and Anuj asks her why did she choose such a simple ring. She says she liked that one the most and she is happy when she receives it. Bapuji, Jignesh, Samar, Kinjal, Toshu and Pakhi discuss marriage and the duties they should take on. Vanraj comes and asks Kavya where is she from and asks why she didn’t inform Bapuji before leaving the house. She says she had to take care of an important job. Baa’s mother calls her and informs her that she is coming home and Baa now thinks she will ruin Anupama’s happiness.

Anupama comes home and shows her ring to everyone and Kinjal gets extremely happy. Anupama and Anuj are happy thinking that they will get engaged the next day. The next morning, Anupama goes to the temple and prays. She turns around and gets scared after seeing Vanraj standing behind her. Vanraj tells her that he came to talk about something important.

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