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Are the books zero-rated? – The Royal Gazette


Created: 05 Feb. 2022 07:42

Dear Sir,

Are books duty free in Bermuda?

A dear friend of mine, Major Effiom B. Whyte, retired airline pilot of Air Jamaica Limited and Caribbean Airlines Limited, and former National Coordinator of the Governor General of Jamaica’s Excellence Program – “I Believe Initiative ” – decided to send me a copy of his latest book, Eyes on the price.

It was to be a surprise gift for New Years 2022.

Major Whyte went to the trouble, in Kingston, Jamaica, to ship this book to me via DHL.

It looks like the book arrived in Bermuda around January 5, 2022. I finally received it in hand at 2:20 p.m. on Friday, January 28, 2022.

Once the book arrived in Bermuda, I was contacted by DHL and advised that I needed to obtain an identification number from the Customs Automated Processing System in order to get my gift book. I duly did so and finally got it on January 12th.

After I submitted my ID Caps to DHL sometime later they asked me for $19.42.

Needless to say, Major Whyte was puzzled by this delay in my receipt of his book; equally baffled by the cost. On reflection, the major thought he should have sent it by post.

Now it is a 126 page book. Are the books zero-rated?

I am not and was not the importer of the book, why should I pay $19.42 to take possession of the book if the books are duty free.

The customs duty invoice from DHL states: “Dock 0.6; BDA Gov Package TX 2.36 and BCD preparation fee 17.00.

If this book had been sent by post, would these taxes apply?

Just before the 2021 Christmas holidays, one of our grandsons in Britain sent us two books by post and there was no such charge!

Why did the major in Jamaica pay all relevant fees in advance to DHL in Kingston, but when I arrived here in Bermuda I had to pay the above to receive my gift.

Imagine a friend sending you flowers and to receive them, you have to pay a fee to get them.

Are books zero-rated or not, Mr. Publisher?

Thank you!


Hamilton Parish