Home Author Author visits students at Magnus Church of England Academy to spread inspiration with lecture and book signing

Author visits students at Magnus Church of England Academy to spread inspiration with lecture and book signing


The Magnus Church of England Academy gave seven students a Christmas book each year on an exciting day that also saw the author of the book give a speech.

Heather Jackson, Director of the Magnus Learning Resource Center, said: “We have been gifting our seventh-graders with a book for a few years now, and we were eager to be able to find an author in person at the school this year. year.

Left to Right: Ms Heather Jackson, Magnus Learning Resource Center Manager, Ava Kirtley, Bailey Coggan, Kayleigh Buxey, Luke Wilkinson, Beatrice Cullen, Magnus School Principal Jim Semmelroth and Author Helen Rutter , seated in the front. Credit: Lauren Chick

“We feel lucky that Helen can join us in talking to Grade 7 about her book The Boy Who Made Everyone Laugh and Answer any questions they had for her. It is so important that our students have the opportunity to hear from a published author, to understand what inspired them, to see where this creativity comes from and where this creativity leads. We hope this will inspire them to read Helen’s book during the holidays Christmas and encourage them in their own writing.

After Helen’s workshop, the students were able to have their books signed.

Helen said: “I like to visit and speak directly to students for a variety of reasons; it gets me out of my writing shed and talking to people. But also, it helps me meet the people I hope to connect with on the page. I hope the students will see that writing, and being an author, is real work and something that they can do as well.

“As a youngster, I don’t remember ever having met or spoken to an author, and I don’t remember feeling like being an author was an option for me. It was not part of a plan at all. I didn’t feel particularly academic at the time, so I wanted to talk to the students about the idea that writing is creative, that the important aspect is to be emotionally in tune with yourself and the world around you. surrounds, to be able to tell stories.

“The book was inspired by my son who is only a little older than these students and I hope this helps bond for them. I also explore the ways you build your writing so that there is some practical advice for students. Students also do their own writing exercises.

Helen hopes the students can see themselves as writers.

She added: “The message is anyone can do it, and the message of this book is if you feel different it won’t necessarily hold you back, maybe that’s what propels you up. ‘before.”