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Barcelona lawyers decide to block Lionel Messi’s transfer to PSG

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Barcelona lawyers have decided to block Lionel Messi’s transfer to Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) and have now filed a complaint with the European Court of Appeal.

In a tearful press conference, 34-year-old Messi recently announced he was leaving Barcelona this summer as the club could not afford to pay his salary even if he faced a 50-year pay cut. %.

Now the Barcelona legal team claim that PSG cannot sign the six-time Ballon d’Or winner due to their own financial difficulties.

Lawyer Juan Branco confirmed the complaint by tweeting the following statement:

On behalf of FC Barcelona’s partners, my cabinet prepared a complaint to the European Commission and requests for provisional suspension before the civil and administrative courts in France to prevent Paris-Saint Germain from signing Lionel Messi.

PSG’s ratios in terms of “financial fair play” are worse than those of FC Barcelona. In 2019-2020, PSG’s salary-to-income ratio was 99%, while Barcelona’s was 54%. Meanwhile, the difference has increased.

It is inconceivable that the “Financial Fair Play” serves to aggravate the excesses of football-business, the instrumentalization of football by the sovereign powers, and the distortion of competitions.

According to Marca, the reason Barcelona president Joan Laporta could not renew Messi’s contract was that, even if he had to accept a 50% pay cut, Barcelona’s salary would still have added up to 110 % of the ceiling imposed by the European body as well as by La Liga.

The decision to block the transfer should be made before any legal contract is signed.

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