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Bengali author Sushmita Banerjee’s brother recounts his 2013 Taliban murder


A courageous Sushmita leaves behind the memory of writing her first book about her life under the Taliban after moving to Afghanistan with her husband Jaanbaz Khan whom she married in 1986.

Her book “Kabuliwalar Bangali Bou” (A Bengali Woman from Kabuliwala), published in 1997, was turned into a Bollywood film “Escape from Taliban”, after which she fell under Taliban fire. Sushmita had returned to India in 1994 with her husband, but chose to return to Afghanistan in May 2013 and complete her second book.

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The author traveled to Kolkata in July to collect documents when her brother sat her down and warned her of the dangers in Afghanistan, believing her second book could also anger the Taliban. Sushmita, however, reassured her brother that things had changed, with the Taliban being more liberal towards working women and their freedom of speech.

“Women couldn’t study; they had to wear the burqa. But she believed that in 2013 things had calmed down because the United States had pushed back the Taliban and the situation was favorable for women. She returned in May 2013 to write another book about it, ”said Gopal Banerjee.

On September 4 of the same year, Sushmita was dragged out of her home by the Taliban at 2:30 a.m. in the presence of other family members. The Taliban are said to have pointed guns at other defenseless family members after Sushmita was shot. His family back in Calcutta were shocked that they had no words to express the grief that exceeded the bravery described by the author in expressing his opinions through his writings.

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“Jaanbaz was there when the Taliban attacked and pointed a gun at everyone’s head to silence them. They dragged her by the hair 1 km near a mosque and shot her. of the family got to know each other in the morning, ”Gopal said as he recounted the conversation with his brother-in-law after the horrific incident.

As the Taliban horror unfolds in Afghanistan following the Kabul takeover last week, Gopal said the reports he heard were worse than the incidents his sister told. “It’s worse than what my sister said about the Taliban. Can terrorists rule a country? Other countries are supporting the situation. Good people are being killed. I’m shocked. I’m afraid to see the situation of people, anyone can be killed at any time, ”said Gopal.

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