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Birmingham native and New York executive Kathryn Tuggle to publish her first book


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Local bookstores like Thank You Books are a great place to find new favorites. Photo via Jacob Blankenship for Bham Now

Meet Kathryn Tuggle, editor-in-chief of HerMoney and producer of the HerMoney podcast. Originally from Birmingham, Alabama, Tuggle became an inspiring professional woman in New York City. Read on to find out when she will publish her first book.

Congratulations Catherine Tuggle

Kathryn tuggle
Hueytown’s own Kathryn Tuggle. Photo via Kathryn Tuggle’s Facebook

Tuggle made her professional debut in Birmingham, where she wrote numerous successful articles for various magazines. She also worked once for our Founder and CEO Cindy Martin!

Today, she is an executive – editor in fact – at HerMoney in New York. Not only is she an editor, but she is currently an aspiring author. Now Alabama can proudly say that we have another accomplished author.

What will his book be about?

book cover
We are so proud. Photo via Kathryn Tuggle’s Facebook

In its financial guide, How to make money, Tuggle and his team discuss the basics of finance. Cha Ching! The book is generally aimed at young women aged 16 to 25.ish. But, Tuggle invites all ages and genres to read.

Basically, if you want to learn how to budget effectively, get that first job, or invest like a business pro, you should definitely read this book. Looks interesting? You can pre-order now.

“Too often women are told it is rude to talk about money, and girlfriends rarely sit down and discuss salaries or investments. We hope to change that narrative with our new book. We cover the gender pay gap, the racial wealth gap, how to negotiate your salary, how to invest, how to budget your first time and much more.

Kathryn Tuggle, EIC and author

So why else should you pre-order this book?

If you are not already convinced, know that this book will teach you how to build your credit. Goal! This book is a complication of everything to do with money management. Besides, this how-to guide is filled with some of the cutest illustrations that help you understand even the most difficult financial concepts.

BONUS: Check out HerMoney’s awesome podcast.

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