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Bryan World Productions releases 2 award-winning


Graffiti Verite’: Read the Writing on the Wall, GV27 Redux and GV Art & Review Book

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, August 29, 2022 — GRAFFITI TRUTH’: Reading the writing on the wall (GV1) [https://www.graffitiverite.com/index_files/Page396.htm] is a groundbreaking, multi-award-winning 45-minute documentary. It includes interviews and behind-the-scenes views from 24 of Los Angeles’ most prolific and talented graffiti artists. “High school and college art classes will find this film a valuable addition to the study of contemporary art. This examination, well produced by the artists who create it, will add a new dimension to art lessons and library video collections,” according to Sue Davis, Cedar Falls High School, SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL.

“This documentary belongs in art schools and, with its effective snapshot of mid-1990s life, in collections focused on popular culture.” – Susan E. Annett, Santa Monica Public Library, LIBRARY JOURNAL

Conversations range from comparative discussions of graffiti’s ancestral connection to ritual hieroglyphics and rock writings to discussions of graffiti art as a form of “street-level” propaganda and public art gallery for the anonymous public. READ THE WRITING ON THE WALL is the first close personal exhibition of the world of graffiti art as experienced by 24 ARTISTS whose favorite artistic tool is the spray can.

“I quickly discovered while filming GRAFFITI TRUTH,” says filmmaker Bob Bryan, “how serious and dedicated these artists are about their work. The real truth about graffiti art completely destroys the old image stereotype that graffiti is all about vandalism and tagging-smacking.”

“The colorful neon-like murals seen here (a far cry from ugly gang turf markings) are more like the brash Picassos of Hip-Hop culture…” – Jeff D., AMERICAN LIBRARY ASSOCIATION

Graffiti artist MEAR recalls being in elementary school when his teacher asked him, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” His response, “I want to be either a terrorist or an artist.”

Graffiti artists dare to communicate with us, by all means, despite received ideas and restrictions! Yet, paradoxically, graffiti art is always about ‘fame and popularity’.

The GV ART AND REVIEW BOOK [https://www.graffitiverite.com/GV_Art_and_Review_Book.htm] by multi-award-winning author and filmmaker Bob Bryan creatively captures the artistic genius rendered on the walls of abandoned buildings in Los Angeles, California by LA’s finest graffiti artists. The year was 1995 and the urban hieroglyphs were in full effect. LA style masters have blasted the city’s boring monochromatic and beige walls with pride and style. Bold and talented young graffiti artists have represented Los Angeles on the west coast with a dazzling array of masterpieces of graffiti art…”pieces” for short. Intricate wild-style design patterns, roll calls, and threaded graphic characters complement the innovative, fresh, and unique individual letter styles.

Graffiti artists from many crews have “rise up” like at no other time in Los Angeles history. Places were secondary, whether presented on canvas in underground art galleries, multi-mix installations, legal murals or the many alleyways and graffiti yards…the work was hardly academic.

“In Los Angeles, we have ‘some’ of the best artists in the world…if not the best.” – NERV, artist

The art book is based on the multi-award winning documentary GRAFFITI VERITE’. The GV ART AND REVIEW BOOK includes art, press reviews, artist interviews, shots as well as the complete filming script of GRAFFITI VERITE.

Start reading FREE Amazon Kindle (5 days free download from 8/29/2022 to 9/2/2022.) [https://a.co/bOixrGn]

GV27: GRAFFITI VERITE’ REDUX (duration 100 min.) [https://www.graffitiverite.com/GV27_Graffiti_Verite_Redux.htm] celebrates and commemorates the 20th anniversary of the independent worldwide release of GRAFFITI TRUTH: READ THE WRITING ON THE WALL. With never-before-seen interviews, images and original illustrations, GV27 reconnects with the creative energy and zeitgeist of this fertile period in the history of urban art in Los Angeles, when graffiti was everywhere.

Graffiti Art succeeds as underground counter-programming that appeals to the same target audience as Madison Avenue’s powerful mass medium, but with a decidedly different message. It has a visceral touch effect on its audience because ‘Graf Art’ goes far beyond the order and conventions of art, expressing itself through intricate lettering patterns (wild style), coarse colors and strange characters.

GRAFFITI TRUTH: READ THE WRITING ON THE WALL was produced and conceptualized by filmmaker Bob Bryan [https://www.graffitiverite.com/BIO.htm]. The goal was to document the diverse and complex movement of graffiti art on the West Coast, in Los Angeles, California.

GRAFFITI VERITE’ exceeded Bryan’s expectations and became a multi-award winning indie cultural tour. A definitive statement that speaks to graffiti as a legitimate artistic expression that has now arrived on the art scene and can no longer be ignored, chastised or relegated to the fringes of polite artistic society.

“Bob Bryan continues to prove that ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’. GRAFFITI TRUTH,” the incisive documentary about the lives of Los Angeles graffiti artists, exploded like no other “Graf movie” to date, leaving behind him an unprecedented trail of awards, media exposure and education about the art form. He accomplished what no other filmmaker had yet been able to do: create a graffiti documentary with crossover mainstream appeal. writes Ben Higa, in “Truth or Dare”, featured article in RAP PAGES MAGAZINE.

With historical hindsight, GV27 marks the 20th anniversary of this monumental event. The story was incomplete…the time to find out the rest of the story is NOW.

From Street Art to Gallery Art Exhibitions GRAFFITI VERITE’ (The Truth About Graffiti) forces us to rethink cultural reality and expose ourselves to more avant-garde graffiti art than ever before in one place. GRAFFITI VERITE’ is an essential documentary on what happens to culture as well as to the inner world of children.

“Ready or not, GRAFFITI ART is the next big art movement after POP ART,” says independent filmmaker Bob Bryan.

GRAFFITI TRUTH’ Streaming @ Amazon

GV REDUX Streaming @ Amazon [https://www.amazon.com/gp/video/detail/B01CYGO3GO/ref=atv_dp_share_cu_r]

Bryan World Productions
Box 74033
Los Angeles, California USA 90004

Press contact: Bob Bryan
Email: [email protected]

About Bryan World Productions:
Bryan World Productions is a multi award-winning independent film and television production company.

Filmmaker/author Bob Bryan has created a phenomenal independent distribution network including Netflix, Amazon.com, Follett Higher Educational Group, and over 200 major online distributors and outlets. Today, the GV Docu-Series are considered urban classics and are currently distributed through public libraries, schools, commercial outlets, and digital downloads.

In 2014, Bryan World Productions produced GV21 THE WANDA COLEMAN PROJECT: Genius. (period). The multi-award-winning filmmaker presents “one of the major writers of his generation”. Bryan interviews brilliant poet/writer/journalist Wanda Coleman, author of over 20 books: The Riot Inside Me, Mercurochrome, Heavy Daughter Blues, and Mad Dog Black Lady, et al. GV21 is a can’t-miss interview if you’ve ever loved Wanda Coleman’s writing or want to find out what her beautiful life, poetic conceptual process, and creative writing philosophy were all about.

The documentary received numerous awards and special recognition from the United States Congress, a special certificate of recognition from Congress was given to Bryan World Productions as well as a certificate of recognition from the city of Los Angeles (given to filmmaker Bob Bryan for his professional excellence and contribution to the poetic community of Los Angeles.)

Management of Bryan World Productions:
Bob Bryan (CEO) – Clearly, filmmaker Bob Bryan has been a singularly powerful force in putting the Los Angeles Graffiti Art Movement on the national and international map. Bryan’s Graffiti Verite’: Read the Writing on the Wall is the classic 600-pound guerrilla warfare in the room demanding respect and recognition from the coveted Art Circles of Power.

Loida Mariano, MA (Account Manager) – Ms. Mariano is the Art Director of the GV Docu series.

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