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Charlotte Pomerantz, inventive author of children’s books, dies at 92


His first children’s book, “The Bear Who Couldn’t Sleep”, was published in 1965.

“I started writing because it was the only thing I was good at,” Ms. Pomerantz said in the Alchetron interview.

His books reflected all sorts of influences, including James Joyce: One book, “Here Comes Henny” (1994, illustrated by Nancy Winslow Parker), was inspired by a passage from “Finnegans Wake”, said his daughter, the Dr Marzani. Mrs. Pomerantz’s son, Daniel, had asthma issues as a child, which led the family to winter in Puerto Rico, and some of his stories were set there or incorporated Spanish.

Dr Marzani said his mum also once wrote a play, ‘Jonas and the Humpback Whale’, and recently staged a performance of it at her apartment building in Charlottesville – which will be held at afternoon tea on the day. of his birthday.

“The group had been training for months,” she said, “meeting weekly, under mum’s guidance from her wheelchair.”

Her mother, she said, had passed into unconsciousness in the days before her death, but the band still performed the piece for her at her bedside the day before her death. She died a few minutes after midnight on her birthday, but the band also got her wish and repeated it later that day at tea party.

Carl Marzani died in 1994. Besides her daughter, Ms. Pomerantz is survived by her son, Daniel Marzani; her domestic partner, Robert Murtha; a stepson, Anthony Marzani; Jason Olivencia, a longtime family member whom she considered a son and who assisted her with her end-of-life care; a grandson; and two step-grandchildren.