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Condemn the brutal attack on Salman Rushdie | Counter-currents


Salman Rushdie

I am deeply shocked to learn of such a brutal attack on world-renowned writer Salman Rushdie in New York by forces who have long planned to kill him. As a writer and columnist myself, I cannot remain silent without condemning such a brutal attack on other writers.

He was an Indian born writer with great creative abilities and influenced the whole world through his writings. His first major novel, Mid Night’s Children, was about India’s freedom and partition.

Intolerant right-wing forces have sprung up around the world to prevent all creative writers from doing their job to improve the lives of the innocent masses.

If writers are attacked like that in public, they think all writers are scared and stop writing. It’s just their wishful thinking.

Writers, thinkers and democratic forces around the world must condemn this attack.

We all need to ensure that the world is a creative and safe place to live for writers, thinkers and artists.

I hope Rushdie recovers from this serious attack.

Shepherd Kancha Ilaiah is a political theorist, social activist and author. His books God As Political Philosopher, The Shudras–Vision For a New Path are well known