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DC-Inspired Author’s Book Is Built On ‘Beach Week’ Plot | Culture & Leisure


Author Aggie Blum Thompson had heard of “beach week,” but as writers do with juicy information and information, “I kind of filed it away.”

Then, when the topic came up during the nomination hearings for U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, Thompson said in a recent interview, his curiosity was piqued again.

A resident of Bethesda, Md., Thompson appeared for a book signing at Bethany Beach Books on Thursday, Aug. 4, promoting her new book, titled “All the Dirty Secrets.” During an interview at the outlet, Blum said that the annual migration of high school students to the beach at the end of the school year intrigued her so much that it eventually led her to use it as the central theme of the book, intertwined with a look into Washington, DC, society and what makes it tick.

“It felt so wild to me,” Thompson said of the annual “beach week” ritual, where underage students descend on beach houses rented by their parents — who also sometimes provide them with water. alcohol.

In “All the Dirty Secrets”, a tragedy occurs during the celebration of the right of passage – a friend of the main character Liz Gold goes swimming late at night and never returns. Haunted by loss for years, Gold is forced to face hard truths about her friends when a similar incident occurs during her own daughter’s “beach week” trip.

The book, she said, brings together the beach setting with the Washington, D.C. social scene she was privy to as a journalist. Although she grew up in Long Island, NY, Thompson said her husband gave her a glimpse into growing up in this world.

“He was a typical DC kid,” she said, having attended school with some of the capital’s elite families.

As a journalist covering the police and the courts, Thompson said she learned how these worked and that this insider knowledge helped her incorporate them into her books. While her first book, ‘I Don’t Forgive You’, published in 2021, took her two years to write, she said ‘All the Dirty Secrets’ was written at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. , especially during the first “lockdown period”.

“It took me a little over a year,” she said, adding that the project “really helped me through the pandemic,” although having to work from home, with her husband, her two teenagers “and a dog and a cat” was a little distracting.

“All the Dirty Secrets” was released last month to critical acclaim. The Publisher’s Weekly review called the book “a winding tale of friendship and betrayal”. It was named “Best New Book to Read” by the New York Post.

Her background in journalism, Thompson said, has helped her in more ways than just learning the ins and outs of the cops and the courts. It taught her, she says, how to listen.

“If you give people space and attention, they’ll tell you things,” she said, adding that she thinks “being curious” is a big part of what makes for success. writers – whether they immerse themselves in journalistic or fictional activities.

Thompson’s recent trip to Delaware beaches was part of a “mini-tour” to promote his latest book. She had also attended a book signing at Browseabout Books in Rehoboth Beach.