Home Book Award Derian House wins award at Chorley Flower Show inspired by local girl’s book

Derian House wins award at Chorley Flower Show inspired by local girl’s book


Colorful characters taken from a budding author’s book, hailed by David Walliams. were the inspiration behind a hospice’s award-winning garden display at the Chorley Flower Show.

Chorley-based Derian House’s entry to the gardening competition told the story of ‘The Teeny Tiny Plumber’, written by six-year-old Evie Mayren, whose little sister was in hospice care.

The digital signage, created by Derian’s gardener Gareth and his army of volunteers, won over the judges and Chorley Hospice won gold in the show which took place at Astley Park over the weekend (29, July 30 and 31).

Evie wrote and published her book to raise money for Derian House after the charity cared for her family while her little sister Martha spent time in intensive care.

Martha, now 18 months old, has been released from Derian’s care and is doing well.

The bestseller raised over £1,000 and Evie even caught the eye of British Got Talent judge and award-winning children’s author David Walliams, who congratulated her in a special letter and video.

The garden exhibit, part of the Community and School Garden Competition, brought the story of Evie to life – with Polly the plumber, her snowy owl and a witch hiding in plants and shrubs.

Also strewn about the garden were a pair of orange underwear, false teeth, half a car, an alligator, Winnie the Pooh and a cow – all things Polly the Plumber finds on her trip around the ‘story.

Visitors could also order a copy of Evie’s book, view the letter David Walliams wrote to her and watch the girl’s feature on the Granada Reports television news from earlier this year.

Evie, who turns seven in August, said: “It was a great idea to use my story.

“Loved seeing the teeth in the garden and the snowy owl – I had never seen a model snowy owl before. Thank you so much for making a garden out of my story. I hope all the children who visit Derian can get better like Martha.

Sarah Mayren, Evie’s mother, said: “I thought the garden was a beautiful representation of Evie’s story.

“It was a nice touch to add Evie’s artwork and the designs for all the items looked perfect.

“I was truly moved to see Evie’s story come to life as Derian was such an important line of support for our family.

“We will always be honored that you chose The Teeny Tiny Plumber as inspiration and hopefully it helped raise awareness and hopefully some more sponsorship for Derian as well.”

Gareth Elliott, gardener at Derian House, said, “It was great to see so many people come together over the weekend to see the entrance to Derian’s garden.

“It was great fun to be able to bring Evie’s story to life – we had to get creative because the garden wasn’t big enough for half a car and a whole cow.

“Thank you to our garden volunteers who helped put it all together – it was a fantastic effort and I’m so glad we got gold!”

Bobby Wood, events manager at Chorley Council, said: “The standard of the gardens this year was fantastic.

“I’ve had such positive feedback from everyone. What a fantastic community we have here at Chorley. You can all be very proud of yourselves.”

The Chorley Flower Show is a three-day flower family event held in Astley Park where visitors can view award-winning gardens and speak with gardening experts.

You can still get a copy of Evie’s book The Teeny Tiny Plumber for £3 by contacting [email protected]