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FAME embarks on creating written content, launching a website – The Stute


The Fashion Association of Marketing and Entrepreneurship (FAME), a relatively new club to Stevens founded in 2018, has grown into one of the fastest growing clubs on campus. Built on the basis of providing students with a platform to exhibit their creativity in the fields of entrepreneurship, marketing, culture and fashion, FAME is described as a club that “helps students build relationships professionals and networks with leaders in the fashion, cosmetics and technology industries, “said Roshni Revankar, editor-in-chief of FAME magazine. By joining FAME, students have the opportunity to praise their achievements and showcase their talents in order to become more marketable in the aforementioned industries.

Since the inception of the club, the goal was to create a website that would serve as a

“A virtual space for students to learn about the fashion industry, marketing, entrepreneurship and other related fields,” said Melissa Kosar, creator of the new FAME website which was launched. online in March 2021. By stepping up and taking responsibility for designing the website, Kosar said she was “determined to bring the club closer to the vision the founders had for it, which it has become today.” hui “.

The website itself consists of eight elements, each focused on its own stylistic mediums: entrepreneurship, fashion, lifestyle, beauty, photos, past events, and culture and marketing. As described by Revankar, “Photos and Past Events display our GBMs and photo ops and past fashion show events. Fashion, beauty and lifestyle currently have works written, and entrepreneurship will soon have articles under its heading. Revankar also contributed significantly to the design of the website, creating the “Culture, Marketing and Entrepreneurship” sections on the website in the hopes of bringing more writers and contributors together and hopefully doing so. know the organization for more than fashion or only women-oriented topics. . “Students can sign up to receive email updates on the website and join the GroupMe linked to the FAME instagram biography, allowing them to get involved in FAME events.

With the launch of its website, FAME has declared itself on track to become another media-centric organization on campus, defining media as “a collection of written works, visual works and artistic works of individuals,” according to Revankar. They plan to remain as a registered organization under the “special interests” subcommittee and simply add media practices for the time being. As FAME continues to grow, hoping to reach more students through their Instagram, website and general meetings, they also plan to expand and develop the events they host. “We are looking to expand our events to host more photo shoots, fashion shows and collaborations with relevant organizations on campus to give each member the opportunity to showcase their unique cross-cultural and intersectional identities,” Revankar said. , “We want to make it clear that our organization, our eboard is responsive and open to criticism and willing to make the changes needed to be a more inclusive organization on campus. Do not hesitate to contact us !”

Regarding the motivation of the website, Revankar said, “We believe that our campus programs do not respond to the creativity of our members and this platform can be a welcome and refreshing change needed on campus. It’s one thing to have a google drive containing all the wonderful photos taken by skillful photographers and sharing a drive link. It’s another to have a website that showcases all that talent and smiles on a portfolio of websites. We hope that access to this website will also provide our members with the opportunity to share their work beyond the Stevens community. FAME has many fond memories and unique exhibits, according to Revankar, “the written work and seeing how creative Stevens’ other students are – you just don’t get to see that side of it. in our technical courses at Stevens “.

Aidan Haberman for FAME Fall 2021 Fashion Lookbook Photoshoot

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