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Filipino author’s suggestion for men to wear ‘babydolls’ in UK Heatwave gets a boost


The UK is experiencing severe episodes of heat waves in various parts of the country. In an effort to add some respite, a user on Twitter cooked up a thread full of advice on “how to stay cool during the UK heatwave”.

The now-viral Twitter feed is centered around Filipinos and features some very unique and hilarious ways on how Brits can find ways to cool off in the scorching heat. The first the yarn says is to wear the most “loose” cotton or linen you can find. For this, according to the photo, men should prefer to wear babydolls or, as it is called in the Philippines, “Duster Dress”.


Following it is another tip that tells users to “do nothing” and “open all windows”.

Tips like turning on all the electric fans and falling asleep on the couch, “in front of the fan,” also appear in the thread.

After spending the day indoors doing various activities, including a highly recommended “quick midday ban” or a quick bath, comes dinner time. The tweet read: “We don’t eat salad, because we are Filipinos. We don’t cook inside either, because it’s too hot for that shit! Grill a ton of BBQ Pinoy pork on skewers.

The thread went viral and loved the Filipino-style ways to beat heat waves. Internet users particularly liked the first advice which suggests that men wear nighties.

One user wrote: “It doesn’t matter where you are from! Good heat wave advice is good heat wave advice! Stay calm.”

One user called it “Solid Advice”.

One user praised “Dusters”.

“I love it so much,” this user said.

“Daster supremacy,” said one user. Daster is the name of baby dolls in Indonesia.

So what do you think of these tips? Are you ready to try?

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