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Forum explores the challenges of young people seeking careers in Arab media


Akl also suggested supporting a program to help students discover talent in career areas they might not have considered. “One of the most difficult challenges students face is the traditional view they have before joining college, that media colleges aim to prepare them to work on camera as show hosts. television, ”she explained.

The value of expert skills

During discussions on the labor market in the media, Osama Al-Sheikh advised students not to wait for traditional job opportunities but to “innovate and take advantage of the opportunities opened up by the Internet for media professionals.”

Al-Sheikh, founder and developer of several television stations, said that “creating content or developing model programs is one of the most important skills that university education should pay attention to.” Journalism schools should create specialized units in this area, he added.

Abanoub Emad, program producer on the Sky News Arabia satellite channel, called on young people to strive to break stereotypes and explore different training and work opportunities. “Each platform determines its most suitable digital production means, according to its tools,” he explains. “Practice is the best way to discover the most effective ways to bring about interaction. “

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Mahmoud Muslim, editor-in-chief of the Egyptian newspaper Al-Watan and director of the DMC channel group, said: “Good content is the most important basis in the media industry. Along with culture and language proficiency, a successful journalist should be tech-savvy, know how to handle social media, search engines, and digital and print platforms.

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