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From directing two female westerns to signing the next generation of Scream Queens!


LOS ANGELES, CA, May 03, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — Writer/director Robert Christopher Smith is set to produce and film his first Slasher/Thriller for his own production company Lethal Voice Entertainment in September 2022. It’s in On the heels of her first two feature films, the two-part female western epic “Vengeance Turns: Volume One” and “Volume Two” have successfully screened at global film festivals beginning with the 22nd Annual Independent Film Festival Hollywood Reel in August on Day 7. This latest film, “Spread: Hogs to Slaughter” (https://www.imdb.com/title/tt19371340/ ), continues to focus on using diverse talented actors in stories featuring strong female characters.

As a critical step in his plan to keep the film 100% independent, Smith tackled the role of casting director personally. Casting is a role that Smith finds both fulfilling and challenging: “There’s nothing like making that personal connection with an actor when you’re discussing your film and the role you’d like them to play. . When you see that moment – the light in the good actor’s eyes when he “gets it” – it’s unbeatable. However, that means watching a lot of auditions, meeting and getting to know — and loving — a lot of great actors who ultimately won’t get the role. In that regard, Smith says he completely understands the extreme value that a great casting director brings to a project.

For this project, to satisfy not only his creative but professional vision of the film, Smith is happy to have endured the enormous effort. On May 26, 2022, Smith produced an event at his home studio to introduce the film and its entire cast to the world before they all got to work preparing to shoot in September. He says he can’t wait to introduce the world to what he calls the “next generation of Scream Queens” with Sarah Moliski as Eileen, Makenna Perkal as Mazzy, Baracha Walston as Jolly, Melody Parra as Amy and Erika Marks as the mysterious and deranged Florence.

Smith says he never suspected he would ever make a slasher movie, let alone that it would follow so directly on his 5-year mission to get all of the “Vengeance Turns” on screen. However, once he took on the challenge from his “Spread: Pigs to Slaughter” co-writer Kurt Belcher, everyone knew he wouldn’t do anything halfway. Smith wrote the casting notice and audition instructions in a way he hoped would scare off the cast, leaving only those who truly understood what he hoped to accomplish with the film on screen, as well as the responsibility of being the representatives of the film. in the world.

Each of the roles was designed to exploit typical horror movie “tropes” by taking the highly recognizable cardboard cutouts of nearly every slasher movie ever made, then fleshing them out fully in this story. Smith and Belcher felt it was essential to give each character not only an “on-screen purpose”, but also a full and satisfying arc in the larger story. In Smith’s mind, no one else could play “the good girl, Eileen” but Sarah Moliski, an LA actress, host and journalist who is currently best known for her roles as the recurring “Mean Girl” for Dhar Mann. Studios and Jenn in the Netflix movie “Lady-Like.” She has several other upcoming projects that she will share more about as soon as she is cleared. Moliski agrees with Smith that after a very horrific scene in this film, neither she nor the film will ever be forgotten. Neither Smith nor Moliski will provide any spoilers or additional details at this time, but the two promise, with a laugh, that other characters such as “Smashed Fruit Guy” and his scene with Perkal’s “Mazzy” are equally unforgettable. Perkal, literally cast before the real casting started, is a Los Angeles-based actor who is known for his work as Evelyn in “Love and Love Not” and Kaley in “Interface” and has such a passion for this project. that she will also dedicate her AD talents on the set.

Speaking of unforgettable scenes, Smith says each of the actors listed above has scenes that audiences will talk about when leaving the theater. Smith says, “The moment when Florence first appears on screen is something that will scare audiences, disturb them deeply, and then scare them again. Chicago-born Los Angeles actress Erika Marks is a “self-proclaimed horror fanatic who plans to scare audiences to their core while scaring them to death!” Smith says Jolly was fun and difficult to write, and only Baracha Walston could really bring him to life as the character finds himself deeply involved in some of the film’s most intense scenes. Walston brings a wealth of creative experience to the role that began with her years at Booker T Washington High School in Dallas, TX and led to her landing in Los Angeles where she has been hard at work since 2015. And every slasher movie has that character who you are. sure to survive and have an explosive scene at the film’s climax, and it has to be LA actress Melody Parra as Amy, right? No one spoils anything, but all laugh and guarantee you’ll be on the edge of your seat when you find out what Amy knows by this climax. The five actors will be producers of the film and partners on the commercial side as well.

“Spread: Pigs to Slaughter” will announce its entire cast and introduce its crew ahead of a private screening of “Vengeance Turns: Volume Two” on May 26 in Los Angeles. After that, filming is scheduled for the first two full weeks of September, then the film will be edited and in film festivals by early 2023. Smith and all the cast and crew plan to release a lot about what they are doing all over social media. media. The public is invited to follow the production on www.procrastagram.com and www.pigstoslaughter.com

Robert Christopher Smith is a writer, actor and director born in Louisville, Kentucky and based in Los Angeles. He earned his BA in English/Creative Writing from the University of Kentucky and his MA in Applied Linguistics from Alliant International University in San Diego, California. After spending nearly two decades in professional sales and entrepreneurship, Smith boldly chose to leave behind his financial successes in this world to pursue his lifelong creative goals in the film world. His feature debut with “Vengeance Turns: Volume One” and its simultaneously filmed sequel “Volume Two” bring together his love of indie film, westerns and comic books. During the five years of development of “Vengeance Turns”, Smith wrote and/or directed a whole series of short films, including “Cut”, “TAKER”, “Her Own Demons”, “Maddest Love” and “Relatable”. (Honourable mention and featured in several festivals); with “Vengeance Turns” actors found in each. Smith continues to act while writing, developing, and directing her own shorts and features with two more feature scripts completed and filming “Spread: Pigs to Slaughter” for her new production company Lethal Voice Entertainment LLC in September 2022. .

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