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Guardian Australia Book Club: Join Charlotte Wood on Creativity, Curiosity and a Rich Inner Life | Books


THELike many writers, Charlotte Wood is obsessed with descriptions of the work routines of other artists. Are they following the rules? Do they break them? Are they hiding their work in progress or leaving everything lying around in its unfinished, unpolished glory for everyone to see?

In her latest book, The Luminous Solution: Creativity, Resilience and the Inner Life, the award-winning author explores all manner of creative impulses and processes in a collection of essays that, all added up, seek to answer the overarching question: what is a rich inner life?

Basically, Wood says, it’s certainly not just the prerogative of the arts. “The joys, fears, and deep self-discoveries of creativity – thinking or building anything that wasn’t there before, any imaginative exploration or attempted invention – I think it’s every birthright. no one on this Earth. “

Wood is a writer at the height of her power, and this collection of essays – drawn from previously published works or speeches – comes together to add more to its parts.

The Luminous Solution is a term taken from a summary of the creative process of American author Janet Burroway: grumpy struggle, despair, the luminous solution that appears in bed or in the bath, joyful work; repeat, repeat, repeat.

The author of nine books, Wood draws on her experience, her doctoral studies, her deep curiosity for the inner creative lives of artists, and her analysis of frequent encounters with a group of other writers to identify nine different types of creative thinking.

She presents them in The Luminous Solution, not so much as an order or set of commands, but as a touchstone for those who find themselves facing a blank canvas or page, or stuck somewhere in the process. The great mystery and the purity of artistic creation are in no way compromised.

Otherwise, Wood writes about how to nurture the inner life, the need for humor, the power of aging, how actively changing your mood can affect the way you work (and his own experiences at work). this topic), and why purposely looking for problems and the problem is an important part of the creative process.

More fundamentally, Wood honors the force of nature in her creative life and her psyche, and here we remember her talent as a writer as she takes us to her garden, to the bush and the ocean and to the smallest of things. details and majesty of the natural world.

Numerous essays refer to Stella de Wood’s award-winning novel The Natural Way of Things, and everything she has learned from her writing. But not only: everything she has learned from what she calls the “vast, delicate but strong safety net” unwittingly created by the writers and artists who have shaped her work. The Luminous Solution is a response, his own generous contribution – “a thread of a similar network for other people straying into their own creative new ground”.


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