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Hattiesburg Author Beverly Publishes New Book, ‘A Mississippi Summer’


In his latest books, Hattiesburg author Jason Beverly has taken readers through various times and places across Mississippi and Louisiana, including New Orleans, the Mississippi Delta, and the fictional town of Christmas, Mississippi.

For her latest book, “A Mississippi Summer,” slated for release July 1, Beverly revisits the state of Magnolia — specifically the Mississippi Gulf Coast — during the devastating aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. “A Mississippi Summer” is the romantic story of a man from Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana, who falls in love with a mysterious woman after coming to the coast to help rebuild after the storm.

“I just wanted to change it up a bit,” said Beverly, who typically incorporates supernatural elements into her books. “It’s a crazy world that we live in, and I just want to give people something that’s relaxing, laid back, and just giving them some kind of escape to get away from everything that’s going on in the world.

“I think it’s a fun read.”

The novel begins when the debt-ridden main character loses his job in Louisiana when the factory he works in begins cutting employees’ hours. Soon after, he receives a job offer to help rebuild a hurricane-ravaged casino in Gulfport.

He and his friend move to Mississippi to take advantage of the high-paying gig, and in the process he falls head over heels in love with the aforementioned woman.

“The relationship is growing, but she’s very, very mysterious and her behavior is very suspicious,” Beverly said. “Her parents come from Louisiana and meet this young woman, and her father disapproves of her.”

“A Mississippi Summer” is the first book in a two-part series, with the sequel, “Another Mississippi Summer,” set to follow in the future.

The new book, upon release, can be found at www.jasonbeverly.com, along with Beverly’s other books, “Christmas Clues”, “More Christmas Clues”, “Ghosts of Beauvoir”, “The Flying Church of Orleans Parish “, “Mississippi Revival Roads” and “Freeing Magnolias Along the Mystical Railroad: A Collection of Mississippi Ghost Tales”.

For Christmas 2022, Beverly plans to release “An Eighties-Something Christmas,” which will be the first in a two-book series dealing with Christmas over several decades, followed by “A Nineties-Something Christmas.”

In these books, the characters find themselves transported to the 1980s and 1990s, respectively, during the Christmas season.

“I think people crave simple, nostalgic moments,” Beverly said. “It’s kind of taking people back to how things used to be – low-key, without all that technology and stuff.

“People were talking and communicating, instead of texting all the time.”

Beverly is also working on the third book in the Christmas Clues trilogy, “The Final Christmas Clues,” which is slated for release in time for Christmas 2023. This series follows Cam Cade and his wife Eve, who return home after a Christmas. event when their toddler twins mysteriously age seven years old and disappear from the backseat of the car. While searching for the children, Cam and Eve reunite at Christmas, where they are transported to the 1970s.

Additionally, Beverly plans to return to the supernatural/ghost story genre with “A Haunting in Mississippi,” slated for release in October.

“The good thing is that the story is fictional but based on real events,” he said. “So this is going to give me the opportunity to get back to those supernatural ghost stories that people always love for me to write, so I’m really excited about this one.”