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Healing With Nature – a day with author, adventurer Jon Turk – The Sopris Sun



Jon’s invitation to go on an adventure with him for a day …
This workshop will borrow techniques used by extreme adventure athletes to stay alive on dangerous expeditions, and reduce them to finding the Presence in everyday situations.
After spending decades on arduous expeditions across remote and often dangerous landscapes and seascapes, I have learned that nature is the greatest healer. Yes, Western doctors heal, shamans heal, and ceremonies heal, but I repeat: nature is the greatest healer.
I say this because “Healing” is partly about “getting better” in the medical sense of the word, and more importantly “Presence”, the acceptance of what is, life in the NOW.
This workshop will be divided into two segments: discussion and practice. The discussion segment will review the ideas presented in “Tracking Lions, Myth, and Wilderness in Samburu” to understand how our Stone Age ancestors found the power to survive in the harsh African savannah, before having sophisticated tools and weapons. And how later, with the invention of these tools, people moved to cities and largely lost this primordial power.
We can talk about presence, but more importantly, it needs to be embraced deep within our heart-brain.
After each segment of discussion, we will each walk alone in the landscape, without words. To guide each walk, I will come up with a different technique, which I have employed to stay alive on extreme and dangerous expeditions, to focus the brain on Earth, Sky, Vegetation – the Present – to expel unnecessary stories. and distracting that spin through our too-know-it-all brains to pull us out of the NOW.
Nutritious lunch provided. Address of the place with registration.



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