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‘House of the Dragon’ author has more ‘creative influence’ than ‘Game of Thrones’, but no ‘creative control’


Author George RR Martin has made some interesting comments about his own creative involvement in Dragon House in a new interview this week. Martin was the guest of The History of Westeros podcast where he was asked about his creative contribution to this new show versus his contribution on game of thrones. He said he had more “influence” here, but still no “control”.

Near the start of the interview, Martin remarked that he wanted more fans to understand the intricacies of the TV industry before taking their grievances directly to him. He also pointed out that on game of throneshis official title was “Co-Executive Producer”, while on Dragon House his title is “executive producer” – though he’s still not a day-to-day “showrunner”. Asked about ‘creative control’, he replied, ‘I have no ‘creative control’, as you say. It’s the hardest thing to get in Hollywood. “

Martin went on to say that writers were only given forms of “creative control” in extreme circumstances, such as JK Rowling having a bidding war for the film rights over her. Harry Potter franchise. In this case, she was able to negotiate “script approval” privileges, according to Martin. As popular as A song of ice and fire that is not the case for him.

“Hollywood will give you money a lot easier than they give you creative control,” he said with a laugh. “You can go to negotiations and say yes, I’ll thank you for paying me $8 million, but I’d also like creative control. And they’ll say, how about 10 million? They’d rather give millions of dollars than any creative can control.”

“What I have is influence, I have creative influence,” Martin continued, “but a lot of it depends on the relationship between me and the showrunners, etc. I mean, I I can make points, I can argue, and they can listen, but if they decide not to listen, then you know, I can persuade them. I don’t have the authority to hire or fire. I don’t I don’t have the power to dictate things, but what I have, if they listen to me and I can be quite persuasive and I know this material quite well, so there’s this something and it’s always changing.”

Martin then compared his creative influence on game of thrones and Dragon House – a comparison that may be of interest to fans who were disappointed by the ending of the first show. He said, “You know, I had a lot of input at the beginning of game of thrones, partly because I had those books there. But at some point, as the show went on, I found that I had less and less influence until the end, I didn’t even know what was going on. I looked at some of these things like everyone else, and “oh, okay.”

“Now, at the moment, I’m very happy with Dragon House. It’s a very faithful adaptation. Yes, there are some changes, but I have a great relationship with Ryan Condal and Miguel Sapochnik,” he added.

Martin has repeatedly said that he was disappointed to see game of thrones finished so soon. He hoped it would take at least 10 seasons to finish telling his story, but showrunners David Benioff and DB Weiss had the final decision. To this day, many fans blame these two in particular for the series’ lackluster ending.

With a bit of luck Dragon House will continue to stay true to the books while giving its stories the time they need to breathe. The series airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on HBO and HBO Max. Martin’s books are now available in print, digital and audiobook formats.