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How Reedsy Can Help You Build a Successful Author Website


Reflect on what your brand is as a published writer, while exploring Reedsy’s resources and marketplace teeming with professionals.

A website can be your greatest tool as an author. Add your biography, books, accomplishments, contact details, and a bit of flair to make people get to know you and your books super easy.

You should know that designing and maintaining an author’s website, however, is labor intensive. Reflect on what your brand is as a published writer, while exploring Reedsy’s resources and marketplace full of professionals happy to lend a hand.

1. Find inspiration for your website

In addition to branding, there are several other points to consider before creating a website. How are you going to make it accessible and what domain name are you going to use? Are you also going to blog?

But before you get into all that, try to identify what you’ll need on your website and browse other authors’ websites for inspiration.

Watch what popular writers are doing with their platforms. Reedsy lists the best author websites, each illustrating a particular quality that any good domain needs, such as:

  • Make your books the center of attention.
  • Immerse visitors in the nature of your books.
  • Added social features.
  • Make good use of color and negative space.
  • Give your platform a personal touch, like elements resembling your book design as advised by Reedsy.

2. Build your website

Dig into Reedsy’s website building guide for more great ideas on how to make your author website drive visitors to your books and turn them into lifelong fans.

When browsing the best website builders in the market, pick the one that can meet your brand’s needs in terms of aesthetics, social elements, user experience, and more.

To set a good strategy, take advantage of Reedsy’s tips for creating a rock author platform and putting yourself on the map.

You can be more active on social media, doing interviews, or winning contests, but one step you can’t skip is setting up your mailing list and giving people a reason to sign up.

An attractive reader magnet and reliable mailing list provider are key, along with strategies to keep fans hooked, like giveaways and exciting updates. Make a plan using Reedsy’s guide to author mailing lists.

3. Get help building your website

If you don’t know what an author site should look like or even where to start building a website, you can let someone else take over.

Along with useful articles, Reedsy offers a marketplace of author web builders. They are all well-selected professionals with experience in building effective websites for authors.

They can create the whole platform or focus on specific parts that are problematic for you, such as:

  • Improve your SEO.
  • Implementation of social media tools.
  • Organization of your contact forms, newsletters and blog.
  • Improve your website layout and branding.

Let your author website spread its wings

Once your domain is ready, don’t let it fade into obscurity. Instead, let people know they can visit you there.

You can share links to your blog and promotions on Instagram and Twitter. You can also collaborate with other authors to send each other traffic.

Get creative right from the planning stage to create an author website that gets you started the moment it launches.