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Influencer Caroline Calloway left New York with $40,000 in rent


Caroline Calloway with 205 West 15th Street (Instagram, Google Maps)

Caroline Calloway, the influencer famous for plagiarize instagram captions and lead creative writing workshops ridiculed as “blatant scams” sparked another controversy this month with his recent move from New York.

The celeb ditched town for Florida earlier this month after a string of going away parties documented by Braked. Calloway told the publication that she wanted to put ‘influence hunting’ behind her, settle into a calmer life and focus on wrote his memoirs.

But there’s one status symbol she can’t shake off so easily: the cost of living in New York City. A Supreme Court filing last Thursday shows Calloway left Gotham owing $40,000 in rent.

Calloway had lived at 205 West 15th Street since 2011, before becoming famous on Instagram. Last year, she extended her lease until August 31, 2022, a complaint filed in the New York Supreme Court broadcasts on Thursday.

But as Curbed reported, Calloway, to his owner’s surprise, decided that this month would be a better time to go. On March 1, Calloway moved all of his possessions out of the apartment, leaving it “completely bare and vacant”. Presumably, the White paint Calloway used to cover his hardwood floors, working around piles of laundry, remained.

Instead of handing over the keys and leaving the lease, Calloway passed them on to a few friends before heading to the airport and missing her flight, Curbed reported.

Poet Rachel Rabbit White and author Nico Walker, a couple who married for the second time last month, moved in a few days later.

But Calloway could be back in town sooner than she thought: The limited liability company that owns the building says it never approved a sublease and that White and Walker’s rental is “a total intrusion”.

The complaint also alleges that Calloway has not paid rent since September 2020. The statewide eviction moratorium has isolated her from housing court until January 15, or longer if she has applied for emergency housing assistance.

The owner calculated Calloway’s arrears at $40,844 and also asked the court for damages of at least $25,000.