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Inspiring young people through poetry



Local poet Motlalekgotso Ponya aims to encourage young people to be creative and provide them with a platform to do so.

Ponya, who was born and raised in the hamlet of Tsolobeng in Mount Fletcher, was one of the winners of Amazwiethu – South African Tales, a creative writing competition for unpublished authors in 2011.

His poem Another Day in Mount Fletcher was included in a book called Amazwiethu South African Tales, along with other winning entries.

It was also featured on Kaya FM’s Poetic Corner slot on Saturday.

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Ponya recently headlined the Soweto Theater Heritage Month Poetry Thursdays edition.

He hopes to inspire Africans to use their languages ​​creatively as the self-published author of the poetry book Sesotho Letotoba.

In a vocabulary overflowing with metaphors, adages and idioms, he writes about challenges while addressing the past.

The book contains 39 poems that cover a variety of topics including spirituality, domesticity, love and relationships, death, politics, nature and inspiration.

“Being a poet is something I am proud of, because it implies that I have a message to share with the world. It is a feeling of pleasure to realize how much fantastic talent I have. Once upon a time, poetry was an adult-dominated part of the literary world; novels still are, with the exception of a few teenage writers, but recently poetry has increasingly become a space for young people, ”said Ponya.

“I looked for inspiration everywhere when I first discovered poetry. I didn’t think I had anything to say, so I just wrote down what I imagined the poetry should sound like. I discovered what really motivates me. I discovered my own voice. And I have learned that the most beautiful poetry is written from personal experience. My heart turned into descriptive, beautiful and even hideous sentences. It is impossible, in my opinion, to do a terrible job out of true feelings and inspiration.

He aims to inspire young people with his poetry.

“For those in the same profession, I would advise following their heart. They shouldn’t aim to be like everyone else. They should try to be as unique as possible while communicating their message to the public.

“They must remember that the task is greater than them. Ultimately, it’s all about the message, not the delivery of the message.

“If you put your heart and soul into anything, it will show. He will contact someone. It will be mind-blowing, ”said Ponya.

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