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Judd Apatow’s partnership with NBCUniversal expands


Judd Apatow returns to the world of entertainment with a vengeance. Universal Pictures and Universal Studio Group have unveiled their new joint venture with the writer, producer and director which will take the form of a multi-year production deal. Universal also took this time to update fans on the release date of their upcoming comedy, Brothers, produced by Apatow. Released in theaters on September 30, 2022, the film boasts of being the first major studio feature to feature an all-LGBTQIA+ cast. Brotherswhich was co-written by its star Billy Eichner as well as the director of the film, Nicholas Stoller, will revolve around the story of two gay men who try to forge a relationship despite their commitment issues. The comedy will also feature Bowen Yang, Harvey Fierstein, Luke Macfarlane, Simon, Miss Lawrence, Guillermo Diazand TS Madison.


Apart from his production work on BrothersApatow is busy with his first directorial feature since the 2020s The King of Staten Island. The comedy, titled The bubble, will air on Netflix and focuses on a group of actors and actresses who are doing their best to shoot a movie during the pandemic. Stuck with each other inside their hotel, the crew struggles to work together and get the job done. Known for his ability to attract some of Hollywood’s biggest and brightest stars, The bubble will be no different. Included in the cast are Karen Gillan, Key Keegan-Michael, Maria Bakalova, Leslie Man, Iris Apatov, Pedro Pascaland David Duchovny. Apatow’s documentary work will soon be featured in an HBO film that will center on the legendary comedian, George Carlin. Team up to co-direct with Michel Bonfigliothe duo will endeavor to show the world the history of the interpreter of George Carlin’s American Dream.

In addition to calling on Apatow for its production work on Brothers, Universal is getting the ball rolling on their new merger by having it work with their streaming platform, Peacock, as well as several of their partnerships with other production companies. One of the mashups Apatow will be working on is a project titled, Dystrophy. The series, which will see UTV team up with A24, will draw part of its story from the life of its lead actor Steve’s Path (Rummy) and will tell the story of a young man with muscular dystrophy as he navigates life dealing with the ever-agonizing healthcare system, and his own personal relationships with his family and love interests. The play is co-written by Jonathan Braylock (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, vast city) and Rami Youssef (Rummy).

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For those who have loved Apatow’s content over the years, news of its merger with Universal should come as no surprise. Going back to the filmmaker’s debut in 2005 with The 40 year old virgin, Apatow and Universal have always been a match made in heaven. In a statement released with the big announcement, the critically acclaimed creator praised Universal Pictures for being “an incredibly creative and supportive partner in my film career,” adding sarcastically that “It only took me eighteen years to realizing that I should probably try to do it with the TV studio too. Concluding his comments, Apatow shared his excitement saying he was “so excited to get started.”

And we are happy too! With a track record like Apatow’s, Peacock is ready to give other streaming services a hard time.


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