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Lake Placid Alumni Plan Scholarship Fundraiser | News, Sports, Jobs


Jack Lawrence is this year’s Hillcrest Scholarship Fund recipient. (Photo provided)

LAKE PLACID – Two Lake Placid High School alumni are hosting an event to celebrate this year’s Hillcrest Scholarship Fund recipient Jack Lawrence while raising funds for next year’s recipient on the wine and wings this Saturday from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.

The Hillcrest Scholarship was established in 2019 by Lake Placid High School alumni Grant Reynolds and Artur Novoselsky for LPCS students pursuing their creative passions in higher education. The fonds is named after the old quarter of Novoselsky and Reynolds on Hillcrest Avenue.

Lawrence’s passion is for the environment. The Hillcrest scholarship is helping him pay for his tuition at the University of New Hampshire, where he began studying environmental conservation and sustainability this fall. Lawrence said that growing up hiking and fishing in the Adirondacks influenced his interest in sustainability. In college, he wants to learn more about how humans can live more cooperatively with nature. He thinks it’s “Essential right now to focus on how we can use natural resources more sustainably. “

Lawrence said he wasn’t sure he wanted to return to work in the Adirondacks after graduation; he wants to explore.

“I love the Adirondacks, but I also want to see what else is there”, he said.

Lawrence was selected for the Hillcrest scholarship after meeting academic criteria and writing a statement as to why he was a good candidate. LPHS typically hosts an annual scholarship night in the auditorium, where the trustees reveal the year’s scholarship recipients. But due to COVID-19 restrictions, Lawrence heard the news of a scholarship announcement video the high school sent to students. Lawrence said he was delighted to receive the scholarship as he has two sisters who are also entering higher education.

“Relieving some of the financial burden on my parents was definitely a good feeling” he said.

In addition to the Hillcrest scholarship, Lawrence has received scholarships from a few other organizations, including the American Legion.

Tickets for the Wine & Wing scholarship celebration and fundraiser, taking place at Lisa G’s on Sentinel Road, range from $ 30 to $ 100. Tickets are available in advance online through Eventbrite or can be purchased at the door on arrival. All proceeds from the Notes will go to the Hillcrest Fund for the 2022 beneficiary.

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