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Letter to the Editor: Old Autocratic Tactics | Letters to the Editor


I see that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is leading a book ban movement there to “save the children” from that state’s horrific liberal “caregiver” teachers. The Republican Party has decided that accusing someone of child molestation is the way to shut them up, including Disney. That’s what Putin did when he was in the KGB. He helped Boris Yeltsin, who was under investigation for corruption, by accusing the prosecutor of pedophilia with two underage girls. He made the guy disappear.

These are old autocratic tactics that are now being recycled by the Republican Party. They just tried it out at the Jackson SCOTUS confirmation hearings! You know, Hitler in 1930s Germany also liked to ban and burn books. What’s next, big bonfires burning books? What’s the next step after that? Concentration camps for gays, transgenders, blacks. liberals and immigrants (except, of course, straight white Christian immigrants)?

Wake up people. Republicans want freedom for themselves, but for no one else. They were against big government telling people how to live their lives. Now they tell anyone who disagrees with their autocratic ambitions how to live their lives.

You think this kind of crazy politics can’t get worse? Just look. I believe Republicans when they say something crazy is happening. Look what they did on January 6, 2021. They told us they were going to do it ahead of time, but most of you didn’t believe them. I believe them.

—Michael Gresham, Ridgecrest