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Letter to the editor: Speaker on climate change repeatedly refuted | Campus


Dr Steve Koonin was invited by President Daniels to discuss and sign copies of his book “Unsettled: What Climate Science Tells Us, What It Doesn’t, and Why It Matters” as part of the Presidential Lecture Series by Purdue.

You may have seen the headlines on Fox News: “Obama’s DOE scientist disagrees with Biden’s ‘existential crisis’ account of climate change” or “Tucker Carlson’s physicist: climate change is “media fiction”.

In fact, Koonin’s argument is that climate change is real, but it’s not bad. His arguments have been repeatedly refuted by Time contributors, Scientific American, YaleClimateConnections.org, and InsideClimateNews.org. Dr. Koonin’s 2019 presentation at Purdue Research Park has been debunked on RealClimate.org.

In the preface to his book, Koonin discusses opposition to his ideas and criticizes the work of other scientists. He says a colleague suggested he try to publish his arguments in a peer-reviewed journal. Rather than engage in scrutiny, Koonin chose to work with the Heartland Institute “think tank”, appearing on H. Sterling Burnett’s podcast. Dr Koonin countered some of his critics at Scientific American via Anthony Watt’s blog. Heartland and Watts are well known for spreading denial of climate change.

On October 28, Congress will begin investigating Exxon’s use of “think tanks” to spread disinformation. Exxon is known to have funded the Heartland Institute, which funded Anthony Watts.

In 2020, Heartland argued that the masks were ineffective against COVID-19.

Purdue University’s Climate Change Research Center has dozens of professors specializing in climate change, atmospheric sciences, paleoclimatic modeling, geodata science, extreme weather events, biogeochemical dynamics and more.

If President Daniels had questions about climate change, why didn’t he tell them about it?

– Stacy Bogan, Purdue alumnus and local artist


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