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Letters to the Editor – March 12, 2022


Lady Strickland

The image carried in Edwin Vassallo’s book on Lord Strickland is of Margaret, Lady Strickland, not Mabel Strickland, as noted in the caption to the article about the gift of Karmenu Mifsud Bonnici’s collection of books to university (March 10).

Margaret was the daughter of one of Britain’s newspaper magnates who in her day had the largest newspaper empire outside of Fleet Street. She was Lord Strickland’s second wife. His first wife, Edeline, died in Villa Bologna on December 15, 1918.

Margaret is best known in Malta for the money she injected into the political activities of Strickland, for providing the necessary financial assistance for the foundation of St Edward’s College, for the construction of the Phenicia Hotel, for her great support for the movements of scouts and guides. and the Malta Memorial District Nursing Association.

The title of Vassallo’s book mentioned in the article is Strickland, a biography in Maltese. Vassallo, Strickland’s right-hand man at his printing press, also served as editor of his early newspapers and as Minister of Public Works in his administration between 1927 and 1930. The biography was published by Progress Press in 1932.

Victor Aquilina – Attard

From the online feedback forum

A PL candidate distributes VR headsets to schoolchildren

Ray Abela poses with school children in his neighborhood wearing his VR headsets. Picture: Facebook

Incumbent on the nth power of obscenity, even using school children. Simply revolting, to put it mildly. – Jonathan Mercieca

Incredible. How far is the PL ready to go to reach its voters? That says a lot about why this election is rigged. Such stunts should be banned once and for all. – james borg

What a fitting gift from a government that abhors reality. Because the blind cannot see injustice. – Winston Smith

Is the Corrupt Practice Act still in effect? – Joseph Borg

Another clueless Labor candidate practicing his own version of the rule of law. – R.Micallef

But how do these PL people continue to break all laws and regulations as if nothing had happened? No one can stop these people? Why can’t the PL run an election democratically and fairly…must it cheat all the way? And voters beware: if they are re-elected, the worst is yet to come; their arrogance has no limits. – Joseph C. Galea

Sickening… trying to bribe parents of children to vote for any candidate is a disgrace. – Michel Camilleri

It’s outrageous on every level! The use of children in political propaganda; publish photos of children online with all the risks of abuse that entails. Give these helmets to children, without consulting their parents. We’re constantly told to limit children’s screen time and cellphone exposure, and Ray Abela is reversing all of that. What a foolish, ignorant and abusive act.

If no action is taken, it just proves that the authorities do not care about children’s health and rights. – Astrid Velle

Abusive guy. There is no better word to describe this man. Sorry for all those kids who were used in this sad stunt full of fake smiles. – Roderick Deguara

Politicians should not be allowed near or in schools, they are not the role models we want to expose our children to. – Patrick Zara

Staging like this should immediately disqualify anyone from running for office. Deplorable. – Mark Ellis

Politicians, especially incumbents, have no morals or shame in their crude attempts to curry favor, to keep votes in the corrupt corridors of power. – James McIntosh

What is disgusting is not only the underlying corruption but, even more, its semiotics. A corrupt voter deserves a corrupt representative. – JJ Micallef

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