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Limerick-based writer writes candid memoir


Kit de Waal, creative writing teacher and award-winning author in LIMERICK, has released her scathing new childhood memoir, Without Warning and Only Sometimes.

The Anglo-Irish writer, who was born Mandy Theresa O’Loughlin but adopted the pseudonym Kit de Waal after rising to literary prominence in 2016, works as a professor of creative writing at UL.

Kit de Waal’s debut novel, My Name is Leon, won Kerry Group Irish Novel of the Year 2017 and is being adapted by the BBC. Before embarking on professional writing, she worked for fifteen years in criminal and family law and also sat on adoption juries and advised social services on the care of foster children.

In 2016, she founded the Kit de Waal Scholarship at Birkbeck, providing a fully-funded place for the Masters in Creative Writing to a talented student who otherwise could not afford to attend.

Without Warning and Only Sometimes tells the story of Kit’s extraordinary childhood, growing up in a family loaded with both opposites and extremes.

He dives into the world of his “random” Irish Jehovah’s Witness mother who rarely cooked, forbade Christmas and birthdays and firmly believed that the world would end in 1975.

Her Caribbean-born father spent all their money on cars, suits and shoes, even when they couldn’t afford them, while the family lived in 1960s Birmingham.