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Local author publishes new book


November 3 – GREENSBURG – Local resident and Deputy Sheriff of Decatur County, Wayne Shake (pen name HW Shake) has published another book. His latest effort is called “Magnetism: The Revelation”.

This eighth addition to a growing collection of works is the third in a series that revolves around its main character, Will Severin, the inventor of a revolutionary engine that makes the combustion of gasoline obsolete.

“Magnetism”, which takes place 30 years into the future (2050) during what is known as the “Second Great Depression”, is the story of farmers working desperately to keep their farms, feeding the Severin family and their neighbors. When the grain elevator breaks down, Severin is able to fix it using the same magnetic technology he invented.

In a nod to classic author Ayn Rand’s “Fountainhead”, the story unfolds with this revolutionary magnet-fueled engine ultimately pulling the entire world out of a recent global depression.

The story, full of industrial intrigue and sci-fi novels, is bordering on reading from your seat, with a decidedly Hoosier flavor and a Christian background.

Shake’s fascination with post-apocalyptic scenarios speaks volumes about his personal beliefs.

“It seems like every generation is going through a near-apocalypse, be it WWII, the War of Independence, etc., and the one that brings us out of the depths is one character, here to save us.”

Severin is also a devout Christian, and his works, whether science fiction or personal statements of dogma, always revolve around faith in God and the Christian world. Four of his other novels – “A Walk of Faith”, “A World at War”, “A World to Set Free” and “The Christian Soldier’s Handbook” are addressed to those “who lead the good fight for God and Jesus – Christ. “Shake said.

The latest novel is his first self-published work.

“Publishing through Amazon is relatively inexpensive,” he said, “and Amazon.com has a large audience and presents my book to a much larger audience. Other publishers always seem to be asking for money. “

Wayne, as his friends call him, has lived his entire life in rural South Indiana.

A number of his novels, “The Christian Soldiers’ Handbook”, “The Coming Storm”, “Thoughts on Faith”, the “Magnetism” series, “Prince and the Stable Hand”, “A World At War”, “M . President ”, are all available on Amazon.com. Search for “HW Shake”.

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