Home Author Louisiana Author Paul J. Angelle, Jr. Publishes New Book “Stop / Back up / Grow”

Louisiana Author Paul J. Angelle, Jr. Publishes New Book “Stop / Back up / Grow”


LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – Looking for books for your summer reading list? Look no further. Louisiana native turned author, Paul J. Angelle, Jr. has a new book Stop / Save / Increase. Stop / Back up / Grow describes invisible barriers to growth, strategies for uncovering personal belief systems, and practical techniques to help readers make the changes necessary for growth.

With an in-depth understanding of what makes personal growth resonate and the motivational book, Angelle can provide your audience with advice on how to excel in business.

Angel’s advice includes:

  • Manage Expectations – Successful people always seem to understand the value of the lost art of under-promising and over-delivering.
  • When all else fails, tell the truth. Honesty, no matter how painful, is always the best place to start. Why fail?
  • Show ownership – owners always seem to behave differently from employees. Showing ownership in the business, regardless of position, positively separates you from the herd.
  • Problem Solving – Many business transactions offer solutions, and solutions require problems. When solving problems, the faster the better. The tendency of so many people to effectively assign blame internally before actually solving problems is a waste of time. Just take the blame and fix the problem.
  • Have Clear, Achievable Goals – Business success is rarely an accident, and every successful business person knows their goals.


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