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MACS Freshman honored for original poem – Oswego County Today

Luke Lemke pictured with MHS educator Anne Michaelis. Photo courtesy of CiTi.

MEXICO – ?A Mexican high school freshman’s writing has been selected for a prestigious publication to be housed at the Library of Congress in the nation’s capital.

Luke Lemke, who is in ninth grade at Mexico Academy and the Central School District and also a member of the Creative Media Club, had his poem titled “Writer’s Redemption” selected from 5,000 entries to enter the book “Empowered – Voices In Verse “. ”

“Luke is incredibly creative, talented and works very hard to hone his writing skills,” said Anne Michaelis, MHS English teacher and Creative Media Club advisor. “His poem is outstanding, and I hope he continues to read and write creatively in school and also in life.”

Lemke’s poem is under consideration for the competition’s top three, which will be announced in September. Each of the first three receives a prize of $100.

Any MHS student with an interest in reading, writing and other forms of digital media is encouraged to join the Creative Writing Club – just contact Ms. Michaelis!

Luke’s poem appears in full below.


by Luke Lemke

“Tick! Tick!” The second hand is moving, my thoughts are racing,
illuminating so many ideas worth pursuing.
My pencil snagged, my heartbeat jumped.
“I get it!”
With a masterpiece in mind, I begin to write, but the tip of my lead begins to crumble…
And I lost what I was going to find, a perfect train of thought.
I fell into despair!
How unfair it was for my ideas to disappear.
I realized what I had missed and suddenly realized how powerful words are, always, always!
If used correctly, they will find that words can empower any mind!