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Maia Mitchell exits ‘Good Trouble’: How and why Callie was written off


SPOILER ALERT: Don’t read if you haven’t watched “Kiss Me and Smile for Me,” the March 16 episode of “Good Trouble.”

The Fosters family is changing again – Maia Mitchell has left Freeform’s ‘Good Trouble’. The actress has portrayed Callie Foster since ‘The Fosters’ premiered in 2013, and later reprized the role in its spin-off series, with its final episode airing Wednesday night.

During the episode, Callie revealed that Kathleen (Constance Zimmer) helped her land her dream job with the ACLU, but that meant she had to move to Washington, DC. She had invited her mothers (guest stars Teri Polo and Sherri Saum) and her brother. Jude (Hayden Byerly) in town to sweeten the news for Mariana (Cierra Ramirez), who was shocked to learn that her sister was moving across the country in two days.

Throughout the episode, Callie said goodbye to everyone — and real tears were shed in the process.

The episode ended with Callie sitting on a plane and seeing her on-and-off boyfriend, Jamie (Beau Mirchoff), board the same flight. He reveals to her that he also got a job opportunity at DC before asking if the seat next to her is taken (even though, usually, seats on planes are assigned). She happily tells him that it’s free.

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Behind the scenes, the cast was a mess — even though they knew Mitchell had been gone for a while. At the end of Season 3, she had a discussion with co-creator Joanna Johnson about wanting to return home to Australia as she hadn’t seen her family in two years due to COVID-19.

“I knew Maia was considering moving on,” Johnson said. “She has been doing this role for nine years. She grew up in this role between “The Fosters” and “Good Trouble”. She was 19 when she started. I went to his trailer and said, “So, I want to talk about season 4 and I want to beg you to stay.” She said how much she loved her family and this show, but had to go home.

Johnson and the rest of the cast and crew understood this need, but still “tried many different ways to try to talk her out of it” before finally coming to terms with her decision. After that, the executive producer asked if Mitchell would return for Season 4 and do a few episodes at the top to give him proper approval.

“In the season 3 finale there were so many stories that we’re trying to serve and I wanted to dedicate an entire episode to her. She was lovely and lovely and said she’d be coming back from Australia to do them “, she said. Variety. “She will always be part of the family, and I don’t think this will be the last time we will see Callie. Callie’s journey is happening off camera, but we will catch up with her.

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Mariana and Callie on “Good Trouble”.
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Filming the finale was “very emotional for everyone”, but especially for Mitchell and Ramirez. The couple met on the set of ‘The Fosters’ and have been leading the spin-off together since its debut in 2019.

While the episode included many separate goodbyes for Callie and a whole toast to The Coterie, it also included a reunion between her and Jamie. With him also moving to DC, Variety confirms that Mirchoff is also leaving the series as a series regular.

“I really hope to see Beau again,” Johnson said. “I love the character and I love him. He’s such a lovely guy.

As for whether Callie and Jamie are now together, that’s something Johnson hopes to do an episode down the line: “It’s a mystery, but we’ll find out.”

Mitchell shared his own farewell message via Instagram after the final. “10 years ago I auditioned for a little pilot called ‘The Fosters’. I was 19 and had no idea how lucky I had been. Years later I been able to continue my journey as Callie when we formed the ‘Good Trouble’ family. Two shows, 156 episodes and a family chosen for life. I’m lucky,” she wrote. i’ve been so lucky to have this career and a job i love, without an iota of regret, for a while i removed an undeniable gravitational pull to return home to australia to be closer to My relatives. .”

The actress continued, “The past two years have been trying, for everyone. I fully recognize the privilege of being able to work and do our show during a global pandemic, but it also meant being apart from my loved ones as we needed each other the most, and so came the need to create the space to share my time between the two countries.

She ended her lengthy post with a message for fans: “Words cannot express how grateful I am for your steadfast and unwavering loyalty. Fact: We have the best TV fandom. You will always hold a special place in my heart and I know our paths will cross again in the future.