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Maine author publishes collection of poems on brain damage and mental health – Daily Bulldog


KINGFIELD – Maine native Annie Louise Twitchell recently released “Blood Mother,” her thirteenth track. “Blood Mother” is an introspective collection of poems drawn from the experience of caring for one’s mother following an accident and head trauma. “Blood Mother” was released on December 1, 2021.

Blood Mother by Annie Louise Twitchell

“I handle things by writing about them,” Twitchell explains. “It took me two and a half years to be able to write about what happened. Then it took me two and a half hours to get everything on the page.

Traumatic brain injury can be difficult to correctly diagnose and treat, and the effects can last a lifetime. “Blood Mother” addresses the struggle to receive proper care and treatment, with the family regularly traveling more than 100 miles one-way to seek treatment in Portland.

‘Blood Mother’ also explores the relationship between mother and daughter. The only girl with five brothers, Twitchell repeats the phrase “I am my mother’s daughter” throughout the book.

“Nothing in our world is the same,” Twitchell wrote in the foreword. “I hope for one thing from these poems: Treat everyone, including yourself, with kindness. There is enough harshness in the world without adding any.

A prolific writer, other Twitchell titles include collections of poetry and photography “The Ocean and Me” and “The Mountain and Me”, and children’s books “The Christmas Ladder”, “A Quilt of Many Pieces And “No dragons, please!” ‘Her first novel, “Through the Pages,” was written for her mother. Many of his titles are based in Maine, where his family has lived for generations. Twitchell lives in Kingfield, where she writes newspaper articles by day and poetry by night.

(photo by Alex Sawyer)

Twitchell’s books are available on Amazon and other online retailers, and can be requested from local independent bookstores. Signed copies can be requested on its website, AnnieLouiseTwitchell.com.

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