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Mark Davis thinks league should issue written report on WFT investigation


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Placed under the bus by selective email leaks that forced him to change coaches mid-season, Raiders owner Mark Davis is breaking ranks.

When asked on Wednesday whether the NFL should issue a written report into the Washington football team’s work misconduct investigation, Davis said (via SI.com’s Albert Breer): “Probably. Yeah i think so. “

Davis becomes the first owner to join the call for transparency. This will only serve to legitimize the efforts of the media, fans and members of Congress to continue to seek information.

Davis also expressed concern in the time of the decision to make a problem based on emails sent by former Raiders coach Jon Gruden before he returned to work for the team in early 2018. Davis said the league had the emails for “a few months”, but did not notify the team of them.

As PFT reported, the league was aware of Gruden’s emails no later than June 2021. Whether the league had acted quickly to notify the Raiders (and whether Davis had caused a change of coach without a leak of emails), Davis could have hired a coach before training camp started.

It doesn’t matter that the Raiders are 2-0 without Gruden. The Raiders should not have undergone a change of coach during the season. Davis is right to be upset, and he is courageous of her to take a stand that will be unpopular with his business partners.


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