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Meet the New Wave of Investors Supporting Crypto Builders in Cancer Research


WPaige Doherty’s parents asked her to explain her dream job investing in startups as a venture capitalist, she went further: she wrote a book. After a cold email, Midas List devotee Ann Miura-Ko wrote forward to Seed to harvest, an illustrated book that seeks to demystify VA for readers young and old.

“My goal is to make the business more transparent,” says Doherty, who co-founded the $ 5 million Behind Genius Ventures fund with Joshua Schlisserman in March 2021, making a dozen core investments so far in companies in the future of work and play. “I want more people to feel welcome here. “

Doherty, 23, and Schlisserman, 25, are part of a new wave of tech investors who are helping some of the world’s most innovative companies and moonshot ideas receive the funding and support they need to transform the status quo in such distant fields. like biotechnology, cryptography and the Web3, student security and manufacturing in the heart of America. These investors from Forbes 30 Under 30 List for Venture Capital in 2022 demonstrate leadership not only in the dollars they invest, but in the organizations they create and the doors they open for those who follow in their footsteps.

Take Brandon Allen and Marcus Stroud, co-founders of TXV Partners. Former Princeton roommates have moved to Texas as one of the few black-run businesses in the state, already investing more than $ 20 million to date in businesses seeking to benefit from Lone Star’s presence.

“Idealism and youth is a gas in the reservoir that has proven it can change the world.”

—Brandon Allen, 27, co-founder of TXV Partners

Other young investors who have started their own businesses include Josh Elkington, who runs Axial VC as a talent agency for biologists, and Victor Gutwein, whose Chicago-based company M25 supports businesses based in the Midwest. Max Brickman is focusing in the opposite direction, as his company Heartland Ventures connects Silicon Valley startups with large business partners far from the coast. Others have helped notable new companies like Acrew Capital, Avid Ventures, and Left Lane Capital take off.

Then there is Eric Tarczynski. Five years ago, the founder of Contrary took on $ 50,000 in debt for his fund to focus on identifying academic engineering talent and supporting them throughout their careers. Tarczynski slept in the back of a rental car as he crisscrossed colleges or crashed into friends’ couches. Now 29, he manages over $ 100 million in assets, is backed by founders like Airbnb and Facebook, and sees himself as an investor in unicorns like Anduril, Ramp and Vise.

The growing importance of crypto for venture capital, meanwhile, is easily spotted on this year’s list. Partner Casey Caruso joined Paradigm after investing part-time at Bessemer Venture Partners while still a machine learning researcher at Google; A crypto miner at the university, she has already led several investments for the famous specialized company. And at Tribe Capital, Jared Madfes leads crypto initiatives that include start-up investments as well as long-term betting on coins and tokens, and involvement in decentralized autonomous organizations, or DAOs.

At 24, Madfes is one of the many investors to bridge the gap between the millennial contingent of the under 30 list and Generation Z. Doherty, the youngest. But alongside them, Meagan Loyst, a 24-year-old employee at Lerer Hippeau. In November 2020, Loyst launched Gen Z VCs, a global community seeking to empower a new generation of venture capitalists. In one year, the group had 11,000 members; its summit in the fall of 2021 brought together virtually more than 3,000 people from 71 countries.

This year’s 30 Under 30 list was edited by editor-in-chief Alex Konrad and journalist Rebecca Szkutak. Our judges were Sarah Guo, an under 30 alumnus and general partner at Greylock Partners; David Haber, an under 30 alumnus and general partner at Andreessen Horowitz; Heather Hartnett, general partner and CEO of Human Ventures; and Jamison Hill, an under 30 alumnus and Partner of Base10 Ventures.

Check out the full list of venture capital here.


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