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Naagin 6 Sep 17 Episode written Sheshnaagin and her daughter save a girl Prathna kills Nevla


Naagin 6, September 17, written episode: In today’s episode, Takshak tells Pratha that she cannot control fate and that her daughter will definitely become a Sheshnaagin. Prathna reaches Rudra’s office for a journalism job interview where she has a face-to-face with a nevla (mongoose). Journalist Vivek and the Snake Charmer try to convince Rudra of Naagin’s existence but he denies their theory. Rishabh expresses his dislike for Rudra and tells Pratha that he will never marry Anmol. Pratha is convinced that Rudra will marry Anmol as she thinks she will settle her daughter in life. Pratha and Prathna are almost face to face.Also Read – Tejasswi Prakash Shares Soft Image With Beau Karan Kundrra, TejRan Fans Call Him ‘Eighth Wonder’

To sum up:

Prathna saves her father, Professor Jeet, from a locust attack. Professor Jeet is convinced that this is an enemy plan against India. Rudra cannot forget Anmol and is fascinated by his insight. He meets Prathna at Gujral’s house on Anmol’s birthday and is shocked to see his striking resemblance to Prathna. Rajesh Pratap Singh aka Rajesh Solanki’s aunt tells Tara that Professor Jeet wants to meet. Tara tells him to tell Jeet that Prathna is not a Naagin. Tara reveals that the night of Laal Chaand Prathna will become Sheshnaagin and she will then be under their control. Rajesh Pratap’s aunt meets Jeet and taunts him that even if she was Pratha’s daughter, would he abandon her. He tells her that he will not and he will not leave Badarpur as he has important work to do here. Rajesh Pratap’s aunt feels the professor is still active in his patriotic mission to defend India. Takshak reveals to Farishta that Lord Shiva’s blessings would be upon Pratha’s daughter whom she had prayed for not to turn into Sheshnaagin. Rudra is determined to find out the truth about the locust attack. Anmol sees a nightmare where she is surrounded by snakes. Pratha tells Anmol not to worry as it was just a bad dream. Pratha reaches Naagmahal and reminisces about her past. Also Read – Tejasswi Prakash opens up about her struggles and remembers being shamed at school


Takshak welcomes Pratha and Naagmahal. He tells her that as long as Sheshnaag does not come out of his 100 year vow to serve Lord Vishnu, he will fulfill his duties. Pratha tells her not to come back in Anmol’s dream again and asks her to stay away from her daughter. She tells him that Lord Shiva’s blessings are with Anmol, so he won’t turn into Naagin. The two argue and Pratha declares that she won’t let her daughter become a Naagin and leaves. Sheshnaagin says loud and clear that no one can change what is written in fate. He says the Naagmahal will see a new Sheshnaagin very soon. Professor Jeet calls Prathna while she is in the car and asks her why did she leave home in such bad weather. She tells her father that this is her dream job because the news channel she is applying to only shows the truth. Jeet asks her to take care of her while she cuts the phone. Also Read – Naagin 6, September 11, Episode Written: Sheshnaagin goes to Naagmahal, Prarthna turns into Naagin



Prathna gets out of the car as it starts to rain heavily. She gives her umbrella to the children as Rudra sees her and also gives her umbrella to the children. As Rudra walks into his office, Prathna worries about his interview. Suddenly a nevla (mongoose) attacks her and tries to bite her. But Prathna kicks him hard and he dies on the spot. Reporter Vivek arrives on the scene with the snake charmer. Vivek tells Prathna that the nevla attacked her as if she were his enemy. Prathna tells her that she has never killed an animal before but did not realize what happened just now. As Prathna moves forward, the snake charmer tells Vivek that she is a Naagin. Vivek’s superior arrives and mocks the snake charmer theory. However, Vivek convinces his eldest that it will make a good TRP story.


As Prathna sits down with other applicants for an interview, they learn that the interview will not take place because Boss is busy with something very important. A candidate worries about how she will organize her mother’s operation. Prathna sympathizes with her and starts shouting around the office while stuttering. She accuses the boss of lack of professionalism. Rudra listens to Prathna and comes out of her room. Seeing her face to face, he remembers Pratha. He tells everyone that the interview will take place. He tells Prathna that he knows someone who is his doppelganger. Rudra questions the snake charmer and denies his claims. He tells Rudra that he can prove everything now by playing the flute. Prathna thinks Rudra is arrogant so she decides to leave the job interview. She tells the candidate who is worried about her mother that she is the one who deserves the job more than her. Anmol gets agitated as Rudra doesn’t answer his call. Rishabh tells her that she shouldn’t worry as Rudra is not suitable for her. Pratha tells Anmol that since Rudra is not picking up the phone, they will meet him themselves and also talk about his marriage with his parents. Rishabh disagrees but is then forced by Pratha to go with them.


Prathna is stopped at reception by the office staff because, according to the rules, she cannot leave the premises until the interview is over. Rishabh, Pratha and Anmol arrive at Rudra’s house beside his office. They are greeted by his mother. Pratha warns Rishabh not to behave like a possessive father. As the snake charmer begins to play his flute, Pratha and Prathna begin to transform into Naagin but somehow control each other. Both feel uncomfortable with noise. After he stops playing the flute, he says he can smell a Naagin inside the building. Rudra loses his temper and has him thrown out by the guards. He feels insulted and leaves the scene as an electric wire breaks. The girl Prathna was willing to sacrifice her job for comes out to call her mother as the broken electric wire is about to fall on her. Pratha saves her by holding her with a wooden stick. While a rod charged with electric current is going to fall on her from another side, Prathna comes to support it by stopping it with another stick. The Snake Charmer sees them both and is impressed. Pratha cannot see her face and as the security personnel arrive, Prathna leaves.


Rudra comes there and asks Pratha if she is fine. He takes her inside. Rudra meets Prathna and praises her bravery and big heart. He tells her that the interview will take place soon. Prathna calls her dad and says she is staying for interview. As Rudra comes inside the cabin with Pratha where Rishabh and Anmol are waiting, Rishabh intimidates Rudra and asks him why he called Anmol at odd hours. Pratha manages to take the situation under control and tells Rudra and her mother that she will meet them tonight for dinner at Gujral house. The snake charmer tells his followers that he has seen Sheshnaagin and his daughter and now he can earn a lot of wealth by controlling the Naagin. As Pratha leaves, she collides with Prathna and the latter’s file pages scatter. Pratha sees that the pages have fallen because of the fan. As she moves to turn off the fan, she steps on one of the pages and Prathna’s hand touches her feet. Pratha turns to see Prathna.


In the next episode, Prathna transforms into Naagin as Sapera attempts to control her using her flute. She defeats Sapera and his followers.

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