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NIDA – Emerging Artists Festival


The 2022 NIDA Emerging Artists Festival features six live theater productions, one installation and one digital work. These gripping experiences take us from the ancient past to fantastic futures. Expect murders, minotaurs, mythos remade, and the inspiration of bold new voices speaking with wit and wonder.

Live theater productions are directed by MFA Directing Studentsand designed by BFA Design studentsin collaboration with NIDA students BFA Technical Theater and Stage Management, BFA costume, Specialist Makeup Services Diplomaand Diploma in Live Production and Technical Services Classes. The installation and the digital work come from BFA design students, with the contribution of BFA Technical Theater and Stage Management students.

The Festival features the world premieres of four new Australian plays – including one by a current NIDA MFA writer and one by an alumnus of NIDA Writing – with ambitious designs offering inspired visions across three NIDA venues.

Due to COVID-19, we are presenting the season as a free-ticket live event, which can be streamed if conditions dictate. Seating is limited for live events (but unlimited for any streamed event), so we recommend booking your tickets early to avoid disappointment.


Hotelof the great British playwright Caryl Churchill, is a voyeuristic collage of ten different characters and their lives happening simultaneously in a single hotel room. Directed by Eve Beck with the design of Hayden Relfthis ingenious piece examines our relationship to loneliness, love, dissatisfaction and the desire to disappear from a woman.

The life I gave you
The life I gave you
is Pirandello’s magical and melancholic story of a grieving mother and her attempts to keep her dead son alive, here reimagined by the director Alexei Ymer-Welsby and designer Isabelle Saltearn.

a tale of dinosaur bones, scientific denial and community breakdown Grace Davidson Lynch, is a world first. Director Rikiah Lizarraga and designer Blake Hedley bring the work to life.

too human
too human
is the story of Monty, born to a mermaid and a minotaur. Co-written by the director Samuel Jing and NIDA Graduate MFA Writing for Performance Student Michael McStaywith design by Hannah Taylorthis world premiere is a contemporary farce on Métis identity.

is a murderous camp comedy adapted from Shakespeare’s Macbeth by a former student of NIDA Writing Sophie Daviswith Madeleine Diginsand Barbara Taylor. This world premiere is produced by Madeleine Digins with drawings of Amy Jackson.

is a world premiere and essential First Nations work written and directed by Amy Sole. This theatrical epic, conceived by evil angelface the pain afflicted on these lands and this soul.

To these six productions are added two original projects resulting from a collaboration between the students of the BFA Design for Performance and the students of the BFA Technical Theater and Stage Management.

Apocalyptic hours
Apocalyptic hours
an installation designed by BFA Design for Performance student Phoenix McKaypeek into the creator’s life during lockdown and seek the solace that comes from witnessing the perseverance of other artists.
The space betweenThe space between is a special collaboration with New Canvas, a leading XR studio for immersive narrative media, led by Leticia Cáceres. The creative work of BFA Design for Performance students Hannah Yardley and Soham Apte makes a key contribution to the development of a possible VR experience, based on a contemporary opera by Paul Grabowsky and Steve Vizard. We hope to provide a preview of the work as part of the Emerging Artists Festival, with details yet to be confirmed.