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‘Novak Djokovic didn’t even hesitate,’ says British author


Novak Djokovic has stressed that he has no intention of making his way to the United States, but remains hopeful of having a chance to participate in the US Open. Djokovic has not been vaccinated against COVID-19 and under current US vaccination laws anyone entering the country must show proof of vaccination.

Djokovic traveled to Australia earlier this year after being granted a medical exemption, but his visa was later revoked and he was deported from the country. “I’m not going to go to the United States if I don’t have permission, so the Australian saga for me hasn’t been pleasant at all,” Djokovic said, according to Reuters.

In December, Djokovic applied for a special medical exemption and got it. After Djokovic was denied participation in the Australian Open, some accused the Serb of trying to enter the country illegally. “People still think that I forced my entry into Australia and tried to enter without papers, without permission or exemption, that’s not true,” Djokovic pointed out.

“It was proven at trial so I would never enter a country where I didn’t have permission to travel. I would love to go back to Australia. I love Australia, I had my best results in Grand Slam in this country. I hope I can be there in January because I want to be there, and I also want to be in New York.

I want to be in America and wherever I can play.” Djokovic won his seventh Wimbledon title last Sunday, but now he risks missing the US Open and the Australian Open. “I am a professional tennis player , I don’t get into politics or anything because it doesn’t interest me,” he said.

Claire Fox talks about Djokovic

British author and politician Claire Fox, who was a panelist on the TV show “Plank of the Week”, has praised Novak Djokovic. “I also thought the way he handled what happened in Australia and America was great.

I thought he was treated catastrophically by Australia where he was denied the game due to his medical condition, his decision about his own body not to take a vaccine, Fox said. “Not one I would agree with, but whatever, it’s not my body, it’s his body.

But he didn’t even laugh at it. He asserted his position. They keep telling him, “why did you give up those big tournaments just for that and he says, ‘because I have principles’ What a joy, he’s not only a brilliant tennis player, but he is a brilliant tennis player with principles,” she added.