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Orgasms? Murder? To drink ? Hudson, Ohio Schools Provide More Information On Creative Writing Topics In A High School Workbook: The Wake Up Podcast


CLEVELAND, Ohio – Is A Creative Writing Book A Little Too “Advanced” For Students At Hudson High School?

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The book, which includes questions about alcohol and orgasms, has been quietly used in the neighborhood for five years, but has now sparked outrage after controversial questions began to circulate among parents. The book is used in a college class and parents sign a document acknowledging that it deals with adult themes. This did not prevent it from becoming national news. In Ohio, Republicans have approved new state legislative maps that should allow them to maintain their veto-proof majority in the state House and Senate. And the state health director is warning that the current wave of coronavirus is straining hospitals in Ohio.

To listen cleveland.com Editor Christopher Quinn discusses these stories and more on The Wake Up podcast.

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