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Pictures show the driver’s dangerous but creative DIY windshield wipers

@ stephenkeeling9 / TikTok

The footage has gone viral which will undoubtedly get all cautious drivers in their seats at the mere thought of it.

Shared on TikTok by Mason Stephen Keeling, the brief video appears to have been taken from the seat of a larger vehicle. Stephen can barely contain his laughter as he watches the DIY disaster, declaring in the caption, “That’s enough for a day.”

The motorist inside the small dark blue car is clearly in a mess, driving along the road on a rainy day without a set of wipers to clean his windshield. Of course, I can’t stress enough that you should never do this.

You can check out the silly, but stomach ache clip, below:

Rather than taking the safer option and just getting on the bus while the wipers are being fixed, the unknown driver apparently came up with the idea to do the job himself. And the results sparked terror and laughter in equal measure.

It’s fair to say that this man won’t be mistaken for a professional mechanic anytime soon, but his resourcefulness is certainly something to be seen.

Using two pieces of string, the driver can be seen pulling his wipers side to side, maneuvering his dubious feat of engineering through the crack in the window.

The video has been liked over 270,000 times at the time of writing, with several commentators comparing the unknown driver to Mr. Bean. Another gasped, ‘who did this M.0.T?’

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