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Pratha REVEALS the truth to Prathna; share a meeting in tears


The celebrations are in full swing as Anmol and Rudra are about to get married. Rudra still finds himself unable to overcome his love for Prathna, while the latter is determined to kill Rudra. She loses an opportunity to kill him when he prepares, and when he catches her rummaging through her suitcase, Prathna transforms into Anmol just in time. As Anmol’s friends train Prathna as Anmol for mehendi, the real Anmol arrives and Prathna escapes. Everyone is shocked to see that the mehendi they applied on Anmol’s hand is gone.

Rudra is still in love with Prathna to the extent that he imagines Prathna instead of Anmol when the two are dancing. When a chandelier breaks loose, Prathna pushes Anmol aside and the injured elders. Pratha takes Prathna to heal her wounds and reveals the truth – that Prathna is Pratha’s biological daughter. The two share a tearful reunion, much to Naagraaj Thakshak’s delight. But Prathna is worried thinking that Rishabh, her biological father, is the one who murdered her adoptive father, the professor.

Anmol hugs Prathna and says she loves him, while Prathna swears to protect her sister at all costs and prevent her marriage to Rudra, whom Prathna thinks is a murderer. Meanwhile, Rudra wonders whether or not he should tell Anmol the truth that he doesn’t love her.

When Anmol is going to change his dupatta, Rudra is going to tell her that he loves someone else, but will still consider her as his best friend. Anmol is devastated by the news and takes a gun and puts it to her head. She threatens to commit suicide if Rudra does not marry her. Rudra gives in.

As her friends rush to her side, Anmol says the gun she had was fake. She dismisses Rudra’s proclamation, while pre-wedding nervousness. She states that Rudra only loves her job and no other woman can come between them, and if a woman does, she would kill her.

Rishabh takes Rudra aside to talk to her, and Prathna rejoices that the two people she wanted to kill are together, making it easier for her. Just as Prathna is about to put her plan into action, she is taken to the dance floor.

Rishabh tells Rudra about the Naag Mahal they were looking for, which the wicked wanted to find and open the gates. Rishabh reveals that the villains need the Sesh naagin to open the door, and he tries to convince Rudra of the naagin’s existence. Rishabh reveals that there is hidden treasure in the temple. Rishabh tells Rudra about Zack’s return.

Zack’s father and Rudra are seen plotting together. It is revealed that Rudra’s father betrays Rudra, passing all important news to Zack before it even hits the channel. Rudra’s father reveals that he is one of the five people who want to harm the nation.

Prathna discovers that five people are responsible for her father’s death and mistakenly thinks that Rishabh and Rudra are among them.

Rudra saves Prathna from a live wire. Prathna is invited to Anmol’s bachelorette party and tries to convince Anmol to give up his marriage to Rudra, to no avail.

During the Haldi ceremony, Anmol asks Prathna to apply Haldi on her first, fulfilling the role of a sister. Patalini mixes something in the haldi to turn it blood red and spoil the ceremony, but is shocked to find her sinister plan isn’t working. Pratha arrives and tells Urvashi and Patalini that she intercepted their plan. She warns that she will destroy the two if they mess up her family again.