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Prehistoric visitors a big hit in Shropshire school workshops

Students from Lower Heath CE Primary School recently had the chance to participate in an interactive dinosaur-themed workshop

The students at Lower Heath CE Primary School, near Prees, were delighted to welcome Teach Rex.

The company offers engaging workshops in schools with the aim of developing skills in creative writing, ICT, PSHE, drama and science.

The staff said it was an “incredible interdisciplinary experience” for all the children in the school and that it was “a lot of fun”.

The students were hooked on the event from the start of the week, when they discovered dinosaur eggs in each of the classrooms.

As the week went on, the eggs hatched and two huge dinosaurs came to spend the day with the students.

Franky Petherbridge-Smyth with the dinosaur

There were baby dinosaurs brought in for the younger kids to meet.

Charlotte Williams, deputy principal of Lower Heath CE Primary School, said it was a great opportunity for students to learn more about the history of dinosaurs.

She said the groups were inspired to complete “stunning” pieces of writing, supported by their dramatic work and vocabulary, as well as “stunning works of art.”

Miss Williams added: “It was fantastic to see every class in the school being able to participate in the interactive learning experience and I think the staff were just as excited as the children about meeting the dinosaurs.

Teach Rex’s Joe and Sam brought Jam the T-Rex and a selection of baby dinosaurs for the immersive workshops.

“It was clear that the kids really enjoyed the day and it will definitely be a memory they will remember when they first experience it.”

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