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Profile: Annabelle Kennedy – L’Observatrice du Mont


Professional Writing Major Discusses the Benefits of Being a Death Doula

By Lexi Gallagher | Observer Contributor

Annabelle Kennedy, Lunenburg resident and professional writing student at Mount Wachusett, has a history with the written word and loves the act of writing. However, she also has a passion for going in a different direction than most after graduating: to be a death doula.

“Helping dying people and their families deal with their emotions and helping with a difficult transition really seemed to be calling me,” Kennedy said. “I definitely explored the idea of ​​being a death doula. I started listening to a Tarot podcast about five years ago, and the woman who hosted it is a thanatologist and discussed the From there, Kennedy learned about the death doula movement.

According to experts, death doulas are people who provide a range of social, emotional, practical, and spiritual support to people at the end of life and their loved ones.

Kennedy, 38, has also enjoyed writing for some time. Kennedy’s mother was a professional writer when she was growing up. “My mother worked for the local newspaper while I was growing up. I spent my formative years in a newsroom. I remember when I was little, my mother had to hide me under a desk while she worked because the editor at the time didn’t allow children in the building. All of her co-workers knew I was there and even her direct boss, but no one reported her,” Kennedy said.

Kennedy said she found the most enjoyable part of her professional writing degree was creative writing, especially poetry. Asked about her favorite class at MWCC so far, Kennedy replied, “I think it’s creative writing. It really helped me to explore writing in its different forms, and I discovered that I really liked poetry.

Although within her degree she found poetry to be her passion, Kennedy anticipates that her even deeper passion of becoming a death doula will have a huge impact on her path after college. She said, “I feel like my poetry really helps me explore and express my spiritual side. Poetry also allows me to deal with all feelings and all situations.

Kennedy continues to show that you can change your mind about your life path, take a break from studying, and have multiple interests, whether they relate to a decision made years ago or not. Kennedy explained, “When I was 18, I came to MWCC for a few semesters and did most of my prerequisites, then left for a while, then decided this year to come back with the goal of finishing university before I turn 40. .”

For some, going in a different direction of your degree, especially with a job like this, might seem scary or dark, but for Kennedy, it’s a job that would be both interesting for her and helpful for those who need peace in these difficult situations. time. “Just being able to allow them to find peace in the situation is really appealing to me,” Kennedy explained. “It’s a way to help people heal in ways you wouldn’t expect.”

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