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Qualicum Beach author completes children’s trilogy


A Qualicum Beach author recently completed her trilogy of children’s books.

Sally de la Rue Browne released Fairy Hollow Golden Treasure Adventure, the third book in “The Fairy Hollow Chronicles” series.

The series follows the adventures of four fairies and the curious journalist, Foxglove Squirrel, who writes about the events.

“Each book has a different theme,” de la Rue Browne said. “And the very last one was to challenge you to go on an adventure. It’s about finding a lost treasure of gold and all the characters, at the end, come together, and those who haven’t been redeemed are redeemed and it has a happy ending.

The first book tells of the four little fairies’ quest and how they got their wings, while the second is about Foxglove Squirrel helping her friend, which de la Rue Browne says is an important message for children.

“The last one is about going on an adventure,” she said. “And discover the gold in the end, the treasure of gold.”

De la Rue Browne, a retired health inspector, began writing during the COVID-19 pandemic. After submitting the first book, her publisher suggested writing more so readers could find out what happened to the characters. The books were also spread out to allow their illustrator, Barbara Warwick, time to complete all the illustrations.

Characters from the series may even appear in some short stories the author is currently working on for an ebook.

De la Rue Browne is also working on a memoir, as well as a book about her mother’s experience working at a club for Canadian soldiers during World War II.

Fairy Hollow Golden Treasure Adventure was originally slated for release in February, but supply chain issues delayed it until June.

It’s available online at www.sallydelaruebrowne.com and Rue Browne said she hopes to get copies in stores this winter.

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