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Ricky Gervais Subtly Responds To Stewart Lee’s Rough Comments On After Life


Ricky Gervais subtly hit back at another comic Stewart Leeafter the veteran rise brand after life “one of the worst things ever done by a human”.

after life is Gervais‘ the most recent comedy series, although its central plot is decidedly more morbid and heartbreaking than the tastes of Office Where Supplements.

Despite the applause from viewers and critics, the Netflix series apparently isn’t to Lee’s liking — to say the least.

Ricky Gervais’ After Life character Tony Johnson sat on the bench to reflect and share his experiences of grief. Credit: Netflix

Before touting projects like OfficeLee said, “I think it must be very sad if you’re teaching acting or creative writing, how can you stand up for the things that make acting and creative writing good when after life is a success?

“You know, because your kids might just say, ‘But none of that’s going on in there’, and yet millions of people are watching it. I think that’s one of the worst things that’s ever happened. been made by a human,” he added. during the Rob Brydon podcast.

Having previously expressed their admiration for Lee’s work, many fans have speculated that Gervais would remain agape on scathing reviews.

The 61-Age may not have commented on it directly, but his recent Twitter habits offer us some insight into how he views his peer.

Saturday (September 10) Gervais promoted After Life to his 15 million followers, writing, “Watch the prime, record After life. Now streaming on Netflix worldwide.”

Plugging in projects is nothing unusual for the Reading man, but the timing seems to be a bit of a coincidence on this occasion.

Just to make sure fans got it, he even started liking a series of Tweets aimed at his biggest critic.

One of the more pointed responses claimed that Stewart “was never relevant or funny.”

Lee, a rise veteran of over 30 years, will be relieved to know that the third season of after life should be his last.

Gervais said recently UK Underground: “I’m pretty sure that [the third season] is the final season, 99% sure…never say never. I don’t know… could I be persuaded? Yes of course.

“Netflix could give me a castle and an animal sanctuary on an island…. But right now, in time? No, that’s it.”